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Arizona Botches Execution, Inmate Gasps
Arizona death row inmate Joseph Wood died nearly two hours after his execution commenced Wednesday, and his attorney said that he gasped for breath fo...
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First US Execution Since Lethal Injection Botch
A man on death row was executed in Georgia on Tuesday. The execution is the first one since a botched execution in Oklahoma nearly two months ago. The...
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Kim Jong-Un’s ‘Executed’ Ex-Girlfriend Seen Alive
North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un reportedly ordered the execution of an ex-girlfriend last summer over a sex tape she was involved in, t...
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Missouri Execution: Fourth Inmate Executed in 2014
Death row inmate William Rousan was executed on Wednesday; the execution is the fourth for Missouri in 2014. Rousan was sentenced to death after being...
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Ray Jasper, Aspiring Rapper, Executed In Texas
Former San Antonio rap artist Ray Jasper was executed by the state of Texas on Wednesday for a murder that took place 16 years ago. In 1998, Jasper wa...
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Inmate IQ Scores: A Factor In Executions?
Executions in the United States are becoming increasingly controversial. While accusations of cruelty and racism play a major part in opposing capital...
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Missouri Execution: Michael Taylor Is Dead
Missouri inmate Michael Taylor, 47, was executed on Wednesday for the abduction, rape, and death of 15-year-old Ann Harrison in 1989. Harrison was in ...
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Suzanne Basso Executed in Texas For 1998 Murder
Suzanne Basso’s life came to a quiet end today, standing in stark contrast against the atrocities the woman and a few other people dealt to a me...
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Suzanne Basso Cleared for Execution in Texas
On Tuesday, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Suzanne Basso competent to be executed. Basso, 59, is awaiting execution in Texas due to her p...
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Ohio Executes Killer and His Family Sues
When a criminal is convicted and faces execution, it is a difficult scenario for the family to endure. But when execution day comes and officials in c...
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Ohio Executes Killer Using New Drug Method
On Thursday, Ohio executed its first death row inmate using a new two-drug procedure. Ohio became the first state to use the new method on 53-year-old...
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Florida Execution Carried Out After 40 Years
A Florida man, who spent nearly 40 years on death row, was executed on Tuesday. In 1974, Askari Abdullah Muhammad, 62, also known as Thomas Knight, ab...
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Saudi Royal Facing Death Penalty
A news report emerged from Dubai early Sunday that claims a Saudi royal may very well be executed for the killing of another Saudi. A senior governmen...
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John Kerry: North Korea’s Leader Is Reckless And Ruthless
U.S. Secretary of  State John Kerry has described North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, 30, as reckless and insecure following the arrest and execution...
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Dennis Rodman: BFF with Kim Jong Un?
Think Dennis Rodman needs some new friends! The former NBA star will be heading to North Korea next week to represent the U.S. as coach to the elusive...
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North Korea Executes Kim Jong-un’s Uncle
Early Friday morning in North Korea, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA – Korea’s official news outlet) reported that Jang Song-thaek, K...
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Ohio Governor Execution: Child Murderer’s Execution Delayed Because of Organ Donation Request
Sometimes, there are terrible people in this world who go on to do equally terrible things. Ronald Phillips is one of those people. This man raped and...
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Harry Mitts Jr. Executed in Ohio
With a denial of clemency and a depletion of legal appeals, Harry D. Mitts was forced to face the inevitable on Wednesday, September 25. After almost ...
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Alabama Executes Mentally Ill Man
“Come sit down and let me pray for you” were the last words spoken by Charlie Newman an 80 year old World War II veteran.  He was speaking to a c...
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Texas Execution: Woman Said She Wasn’t Scared To Die
Texas executed its first woman in three years last night, and her last statements were about how she wasn’t afraid to go. 52-year old Kimberly M...
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