Missouri Execution: Michael Taylor Is Dead

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Missouri inmate Michael Taylor, 47, was executed on Wednesday for the abduction, rape, and death of 15-year-old Ann Harrison in 1989.

Harrison was in her own driveway carrying a purse, flute, and her school books when she was abducted by Taylor, and another man named Roderick Nunley. The two men forced Harrison into a car that they had stolen the night before and took her to their home, raped her, and then stabbed her to death. Both men were in their 20s when the crime happened.

The two men dumped the stolen vehicle in a neighboring community with Harrison’s body inside the trunk. The vehicle was found the following day, but the crime remained unsolved for half a year. A $10,000 reward for any leads regarding the case led to a tip and the two men were eventually captured. Both Taylor and Nunley plead guilty to the crime.

There were appeals from Taylor’s attorneys who stated that the drug to be used for execution might cause suffering and pain for Taylor. The drug was purchased from a different supplier after the Oklahoma-based pharmacy Apothecary Shoppe stated that they would not be providing pentobarbital for the execution.

Missouri has been using the three-drug execution process for a long time, but switched to using pentobarbital last year. There have already been three executions using the said drug. According to state officials one of the inmates showed signs of distress when pentobarbital was administered.

Appeals from Taylor’s attorneys were refused and the execution pushed through.

According to reports, Taylor had written a letter to Harrison’s parents expressing his remorse and apologies for the crime he committed. He also said that he hopes they accept the letter.

Taylor was pronounced dead at 12:10 a.m. He had no final statement. Members from both the Harrison and Taylor families were there to witness the execution.

Taylor’s accomplice, Nunley, is also up for execution but a date has not yet been set.

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