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Russia Is Turning Off the Gas to Europe
After months of sanctions, Russia says it is cutting off the gas to Europe in a move that could have serious repercussions....
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Intel Announces Plans to Invest Up to $80 Billion in EU Chip-Making
Intel has announced its latest expansion effort, planning to spend up to $80 billion in chip-making in Europe....
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Ericsson Predicts 190 Million 5G Users By End of 2020
Ericsson has released the June 2020 installment of its Ericsson Mobility Report, and it contains good news for the 5G industry....
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Huawei Spending €200 Million to Build Plant in Europe
Huawei has announced it is preparing to spend €200 million to build a factory in Europe....
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Apple Opening First iOS App Dev Center in Europe
Apple announced that it will open its first European iOS app development center. It’s to be located at partner institution in Naples, Italy. The...
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Google ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Appeal Shut Down
In June, French regulators ordered Google to extend its “Right to be Forgotten” search engine delistings to its sites around the world rat...
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Facebook Must Allow Fake Names, Says German Regulator
Facebook’s real name policy, which prevents people from using the service with pseudonyms, has pissed off a lot of people – especially as of l...
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The iWatch Doesn’t Exist, But Apple’s Getting Sued Over It
Apple is getting sued over its iWatch. You may have not noticed anything wrong with that sentence, and to be honest it’s hard to fault you if yo...
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Facebook’s New App Isn’t Available in Europe Thanks to Facial Recognition Fears
Earlier this week, Facebook launched yet another standalone app. It’s called Moments, and it lets friends easily sync photos with each other. He...
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More European Regulatory Interest In Search Emerges
Google has been under investigation by the EU for five years, and last week, the European Commission sent a Statement of Objections to Google alleging...
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Should Google Be Slapped With Antitrust Action?
After a five-year long investigation, the European Commissioned announced it has sent a Statement of Objections to Google alleging it has abused its d...
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Google Is Reportedly About To Be Hit With Antitrust Charges In Europe
Earlier this month, we heard that the European Commission was about to “move against” Google, “setting the stage for charges” against ...
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Should Europe’s Search Law Apply To The World?
Late last year, EU regulators in Brussels said they wanted the controversial “Right to be Forgotten” ruling applied to search results on a...
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Netflix Eyes Expansion In Europe, Asia
Netflix expanded into new European markets last year, and appears to have additional ones on its roadmap, as well as some Asian countries and those wh...
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Is The Right To Be Forgotten Dangerous?
Google has released its latest Transparency Report, which as of earlier this year, now looks at URL removal requests from the highly-publicized Right ...
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Google Commissions Study To Show How Competitive The Mobile Market Is In Europe
As you probably know, Google is currently embroiled in a years-long antitrust investigation in Europe, as authorities continue to look into its search...
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‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Dangerous, According To Web’s Inventor
A lot of people (especially those not trying to hide information about themselves) agree that the Right to Be Forgotten in Europe is problematic for a...
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Google Has Some Right To Be Forgotten Guidelines To Work With
As we here in the U.S. were entering holiday mode last week, official “Right to Be Forgotten” guidelines made their way to the public over...
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Google Breakup Approved By European Parliament
As previously reported, the European Parliament was considering a proposal to call for a breakup of Google. More specifically, it wants to separate th...
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Regulators Want ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Extended To
As reported last week, a French court ordered Google to pay fines of €1,000 unless links to a “defamatory” article are removed from its global n...
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