Germany Pushes Back Against EU Client-Side Scanning Plans

The EU Commission wants to roll out client-side scanning on consumers’ devices, but Germany is pushing back against the plan.

EU Poised to Warn Broadcom Over VMware Deal

The European Union is poised to issue a warning to Broadcom over its proposed purchase of VMware for $61 billion.

EU Considers Making Big Tech Pay For Infrastructure Upgrades

The EU Commission is considering a proposal that would see tech companies charged for network infrastructure upgrades.

EU Commission Bans TikTok On Staff Phones

The EU Commission has followed the US Congress, banning TikTok on all government-owned devices.

Adobe’s Figma Purchase May Be In Jeopardy

Adobe’s $20 billion Figma deal may be in trouble, with EU Commission weighing whether to launch an antitrust probe.

EU Poised to Give Microsoft Antitrust Warning Over Activision Deal

Microsoft’s troubles with its Activision Blizzard deal are about to get worse, with the EU poised to give the company an antitrust warning.

Amazon Agrees to Major Business Changes in the EU to Head Off Probe

Amazon has reached an agreement with the EU to make major changes to its business in exchange for heading off antitrust probes.

EU Steps Up Its Investigation Into Microsoft’s Activision Deal

Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard has hit another snag, with the EU opening an “in-depth investigation.”

AWS Exec Takes Microsoft to Task for Cloud Licensing Terms

AWS’ SVP of Sales and Marketing is calling out Microsoft for its cloud licensing terms, despite the latter company’s recent changes.

Intel Wants the EU to Pay It $624 Million in Interest Over Overturned Fine

Intel may have won its case to overturn a €1 billion fine antitrust fine in the EU, but the chipmaker is now pressing for interest to be paid.

Intel Wins Massive EU Antitrust Case, Overturning €1 Billion Fine

Intel has scored a major legal victory in the EU, overturning a 12 year-old verdict that resulted in a €1 billion fine.

US Carriers Deny Blocking iCloud Private Relay — Mostly

Following reports that T-Mobile was blocking Apple’s iCloud Private Relay, all three major US carriers have denied actively blocking it — for the most part.

EU Regulators Open Probe of Nvidia’s Arm Acquisition

Casting further doubt on Nvidia’s attempt to purchase Arm Holdings, EU regulators have opened a formal investigation.

US Officials Warn EU Against Targeting American Companies

US officials are warning the EU not to single out American companies with “protectionist” tech policies.

EU Loses Case to Force Amazon to Pay Back Taxes

The European Union has lost a high-profile case in which it was trying to force Amazon to pay $300 million in back taxes.

EU May Enorce Smartphone Replaceable Batteries

The European Commission is considering a proposal that would force smartphone manufacturers to use easily replaceable batteries.

EU Commission Switching to Signal Messaging App

In an effort to improve its cybersecurity, the EU Commission is encouraging its staff to switch to the Signal messaging app.