Bob Iger: Act Boldly To Achieve Your Dreams

Former Disney CEO Bob Iger gave the commencement address at University of Texas at Austin where he told graduates that acting boldly is the only way to accomplish meaningful things in life: The only way to accomplish meaningful things in…

Shopify: We Are Arming The Rebels

Shopify President Harley Finkelstein says the rebels―the entrepreneurs and the small business owners―are the heroes of the Shopify story… and the rebels are winning.

How Entrepreneurs are Made

A look at how society enables the creation of entrepreneurs and the contract that entrepreneurs have with society.

Jeff Bezos: We Need To Have Billion Dollar Scale Failures

“At Amazon, we still take risks all the time,” says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. “Our failures have to grow with the company. We need big failures if we are going to be moving the needle. We need to have billion dollar scale failures. If we are not, we are not swinging hard enough.”

SAP: Imagine if We Can Work Together and Make Inclusion a Fact

SAP Chief Strategy Officer Deepak Krishnamurthy said at the Web Summit, “Imagine if we can work together and make inclusion a fact.” Alexa Gorman, who is SVP, Head of SAP.iO Foundries Europe also announced the creation of a dedicated accelerator program for women and diverse-led enterprises in Berlin, Germany.

Etsy Expands Entrepreneur Program

A couple years ago, Etsy partnered with the city of Rockford, Illinois to develop an entrepreneur training program for the “Etsy economy”. It’s called the Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship Program. In 2015, Etsy is a public company, and the program is…

Should Entrepreneurs Seek Crowdfunding?

A lot of entrepreneurs in todays landscape must decide whether or not to go the crowdfunding route. If you ask multi-billionaire Richard Branson, you’re probably best off at least considering it. Branson has been an investor in popular crowdfunding platform…

ADHD: Is It Really a Superpower?

ADHD. It stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. But some folks with ADHD will fight you over the “disorder” part. What we are about to explore applies much more to adults with ADHD — who, by definition, were once kids…

Changing an App-Focused Mindset to a Company-Focused Mindset

There is no doubt that starting a new business and leading it to growth and financial success is not an easy task to accomplish. The well-known statistic that one in three new businesses will fail is one that’s not based…

Google Helps UP Global Expand Startup Weekend For Entrepreneurs

Google announced a new partnership with UP Global, which will see the organization expanded to twice as many cities, going from 500 to 1,000. As part of this, Startup Weekend will be expanded, and is now powered by Google For…