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Tag: election 2012

Elections, iPhone 5, and Kim Kardashian Top 2012 Yahoo Searches
As the month of December rolls along, you can expect more and more of these types of lists to pop up. It’s that time of the year for the year-in...
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Nate Silver, Master Prognosticator, Talks to Google’s Chief Economist
Nate Silver became a household name this past election season, as his election predictions wound up being the subject of some partisan bickering. Whet...
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Young, Female, Democratic Voters Wanted to Share It on Facebook
If you logged onto Facebook on election day, you probably remember that the social network did their part to get out the vote by displaying a big voti...
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Bronco Bama Girl Is Happy That President Obama Won
Remember that cute little 4-year-old girl who became the country’s unofficial spokesperson for how sick we all were of the 2012 Presidential ele...
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Alabama & Mississippi Win the Most-Racist-on-Twitter Award Surrounding the Election
Twitter, you can be so great and so disappointing at the same time. It probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that social media is a haven for imbec...
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Instagram Was Twice as Busy as Normal When Obama Won
We know that Twitter had a huge election night. They announced over 31 million total election-related tweets, and a peak tweet-per-minute total of 327...
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Here’s What Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Thinks About Last Night’s Election
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg broke up the boys club back in June by becoming the first female member of Facebook’s Board of Directors. Before he...
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President Obama Won the Twitter Vote and it Wasn’t Even Close
Post-election demographic analysis is always interesting, or always dull and pointless depending on who you ask. I’m sure you’ve seen peop...
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President Obama Does Gangnam Style with a T-Rex in NMA’s Election Animation
You knew it was coming. No major world event is ever really complete without a breakdown from our favorite Taiwanese animators. NMA has just released ...
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The Obamas’ Hug Becomes Most-Liked Photo in Facebook History
When it was becoming more clear that Barack Obama would be reelected and remain President of the United States, he tweeted and Facebooked the news to ...
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Obama’s “Four More Years” Tweet Is the Most Popular Tweet in History
Good morning, America. Last night you reelected the President. And although there will be no change in the White House for the next four years, there ...
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Track Voting in Real Time With Facebook and Foursquare
In many states across the country, we’ve already passed the halfway mark for voting hours in the 2012 Presidential Election. Soon, we will all k...
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Guys, Stop Instagramming Your Ballots. Seriously.
I know you’re excited about voting. It’s not only our democratic right and duty, but it’s a privilege. Quick tip: If you want to con...
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Celebrate Election Day with a Bad Lip Reading of the Debates
Hopefully, by the end of the night (or early tomorrow morning), we’ll know who won the 2012 Presidential election. Even if something strange hap...
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Halo 4 Release May Dampen Voter Turnout Among Gamers [POLL]
Voting: it’s your civic duty. It’s the foundation of any democracy, a way for everyone to make their voice heard. Millions have fought and...
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On Election Night, Gloat to Your Political Frenemies with These GIFs
On election night, the chances are pretty high that your Facebook and Twitter streams will be inundated with policial posts. Some of your friends will...
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Find Your Voting Location on Google, Facebook
Tomorrow, November 6th, is election day in the U.S. If you haven’t already voted and need to know where you should vote tomorrow, both Google an...
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YouTube Calling on Citizen Journalists to Document Their Vote
During the 2012 campaign season, Youtube has been involved in providing people access to the videos that they need to be better-informed voters. They ...
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The Electorate Isn’t Completely Uninformed, and We Can Give Some Credit to Facebook
The pessimist inside every participating member of a democracy thinks that the electorate is full of completely uniformed voters who will pick candida...
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Google Breaks Out the Political Scorecards in Time for Election Day
Guys, it’s almost over. The 2012 Presidential race has made the final turn and has entered the homestretch. Like any good horse race, this is th...
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