Dropbox Password Manager Shows Up On Google Play Store

Dropbox appears to be working on its own password manager, dropping an early access, invite-only version on the Google Play Store.

Apple Takes on File Sharing Services With iCloud File Sharing

Apple has fired a shot across the bow of Dropbox, Box and others with the addition of iCloud File Sharing.

iOS Gmail App Now Work With Files

Google has announced that its iOS Gmail app has (finally) added the ability to include attachments from the iOS Files app.

Google Acquires AppSheet, Leading No-Code Development Platform

Google has announced its acquisition of “AppSheet, a leading no-code application development platform used by a number of enterprises across a variety of industries.” Custom applications are an excellent way for businesses to meet their needs and adapt to an…

Workona Launches Desktop For The Cloud; Raises $6 Million in Seed Funding

Workona has announced “the launch of their cloud desktop, a work management platform that allows users to access and manage resources across more than 75 popular cloud apps from a single unified system.” The company recently completed “a $6 million…

New Launch Evolves the Dropbox Experience To a Living Team Workspace, Says CEO

“We’ve launched the biggest change we’ve ever made to our product, an all-new desktop app,: says Dropbox CEO Drew Houston. “It evolves the Dropbox experience from a folder full of files to a living team workspace. You can have not just files but any kind of cloud content.”

Reddit Co-Founder: Every Businesses is Going to Have to Be a Software Business

The co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, says that every business is going to have to be a software business. “Our beliefs still remains that every business is going to have to be a software business in some way, shape, or form.”

Dropbox CEO: The Opportunity is Massive

Dropbox CEO Josh Lipton says that making their product better is their primary strategy to achieving continued strong growth and he doesn’t expect their growth to slow down in the near future.

Dropbox is Now Offering 1TB of Free Cloud Storage for Some Accounts

It’s a good time to be a Dropbox user. The company recently revealed that it will be giving certain accounts an additional 1TB of storage for free. The move will bump up storage space for Professional account holders from 1TB…

Dropbox’s Initial Public Offering is Priced at $21, Company Market Cap Reaches $9.1 Billion

Investors, especially those who specialize in picking tech stocks, will now have one additional company to consider as an investment option. A decade after its founding, Dropbox is now a publicly traded company starting Friday, March 23, 2018. The San…