Dropbox Cutting 315 Jobs, 11% of Workforce

Dropbox has announced it is cutting some 315 jobs, or roughly 11% of its global workforce.

29% of Professionals Will Quit Instead of Returning to Office

Amid a global pandemic, remote work has become so popular that 29% of professionals will quit rather than return to the office.

Internet Companies Launch Initiative In Support of Section 230

Some of the most prominent internet companies have formed the Internet Works coalition to promote Section 230, a key internet law. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act gives companies immunity for content users upload or post on their sites.…

Dropbox Spaces Update Geared At Remote Workers

Dropbox has unveiled an update to Spaces, one aimed at helping remote workers collaborate and remain productive.

Upwork: Up to 23 Million Americans Relocating Thanks to Remote Work

Upwork has released its “Remote Workers on the Move” report, highlighting the impact the pandemic is having on the American workforce.

Reddit Embraces Permanent Remote Work, Unifies Employee Pay

Reddit has become the latest company to make remote work a permanent option, even going so far as to unify employee pay as an added incentive.

Dropbox Starts Migrating to Western Digital SMR HDDs

Dropbox has begun its migration to Western Digital’s host-managed, shingled magnetic recording (SMR) hard disk drives (HDD).

Dropbox CEO: Virtual First Reinvents Work

Drew Houston, co-founder and CEO of Dropbox, says that starting today, Dropbox is becoming a Virtual First company. Remote work will be the primary experience for all employees and the day-to-day default for individual work

Dropbox Transitions to ‘Virtual First’ Workflow

Dropbox has become the latest company to embrace a new normal, announcing it has become a “virtual first” company.

Dropbox CEO: Shift To Distributed Work Is Transformative

We see the shift to distributed work as transformative as the shift to cloud or mobile says Dropbox CEO Drew Houston. Our customers have turned to Dropbox for flexibility with work since the beginning and post-COVID we’ve seen an uptick in demand.