Dropbox and Microsoft Let You Edit Office Files From The Browser

Last fall, Microsoft and Dropbox partnered up on Office integration. Now, the companies are taking their partnership a little further. The two announced a new integration that allows users to edit their Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents in Dropbox using Office Online on the web.

“This means that users don’t need the desktop versions of Microsoft Office, and can even use a computer that isn’t their own to edit their Office docs in Dropbox,” a spokesperson for Dropbox explained in an email. “Building on the Dropbox and Microsoft strategic partnership announced last November, users can also open and edit Office documents on iOS and Android devices, and officially use Dropbox on Windows Phones and tablets.”

“With over 35 billion Office documents stored in Dropbox, Microsoft and Dropbox have teamed up to make collaboration seamless across phones, tablets, and the web, making Dropbox the best place to get work done from any web browser,” they added.

When you go to Office Online, you’ll see the option to add your Dropbox account:

Once you add the account, you can navigate and open files on Dropbox right from Office Online like so:

Here’s what using Word Online to edit documents in Dropbox looks like:

You can also access this same integration from Dropbox itself in the web browser. It will let you access Office Online directly from the file you’re viewing. Do so by clicking “Open” when you’re previewing a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file.

All Dropbox and Office Online users have access to the new integration starting right away.

Last week, Dropbox announced new web previews that look better, load faster, and add functionality. More on that here.

Images via Microsoft/Dropbox

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