Dropbox Finally Lets You Comment on Shared Files

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It just got easier to collaborate on your shared Dropbox files.

The company has just enabled comments on shared files – a feature you've probably used plenty of times inside Google Drive.

"Whether you’re collaborating on a business proposal or putting together a vacation itinerary, working with multiple people can be difficult. It can involve lots of back and forth conversations, scattered across email threads and chat windows. And in the process, feedback can get lost and it can take ages to get everyone on the same page. Today we’re simplifying that process. With comments, you can now have conversations around Dropbox files, both on the files you own and the files people share with you," says Dropbox.

Comments will let you @mention people, who will receive email notifications. You'll also receive email notifications when people comment on your file.

Of course, all of this is optional. If you own a file, you can turn off comments altogether. You can also turn of notifications, if they get pesky.

Dropbox for Business users have had access to commenting for a little while now, but this is open to all Dropbox users. Right now it's only on the web – but mobile support for comments is on the way.

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