FCC Wants to Ban Chinese Drone Maker, Dubbed ‘Huawei on Wings’

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is calling for a review of Chinese drone maker DJI, saying it is potentially “Huawei on wings.”

AT&T’s Tethered ‘Flying COWs’ Providing Internet in Hurricane-Hit Areas

AT&T is using its Flying COWs (Cell on Wings) drones to provide connectivity in hurricane-hit areas, such as Louisiana.

France Testing Anti-Drone Laser System for 2024 Olympics

The French military is testing a laser-powered anti-drone system it hopes can be used to protect the 2024 Olympics.

Google Looking to Use Drones to Fight Wildfires

Google is looking to use drones in an innovative way, with plans to fight wildfires with them.

American Robotics First Company Approved For Automated Drone Flights

American Robotics has become the first company authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly automated drones.

CES 2021: Verizon’s Skyward and UPS Collaborating On Drone Deliveries

Verizon used CES 2021 to announce its Skyward drone company will be collaborating with UPS Flight Forward for retail deliveries.

Unmanned Drones Cleared For Night Flight and Flight Over People

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has passed new rules allowing drones to fly at night and fly over people.

Chinese Drone Maker DJI Faces Uncertain Future As It Faces US Blacklist

Chinese drone maker DJI is the latest company added to the US trade blacklist, throwing its future into uncertain territory.

Hybrid Drone Stays Aloft Over 10 Hours, Breaking Record

Quaternium Technologies has broken its own record for the longest drone flight, with its hybrid drone staying in the air for 10 hours, 14 minutes.

Morocco Using Drones to Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic

In one of the more unusual use cases, Morocco is the latest country to turn to arial drones to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.

CES 2020: PowerVision Unveils PowerEgg X Handheld, AI-Driven Drone

PowerVision made a splash at CES 2020 with an innovative drone that is small enough to double as a handheld camera and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its performance. PowerVision has long been known for making quality and innovative…

Swarms of Drones Appearing in the Colorado/Nebraska Night Sky and Nobody Knows Why

According to the Denver Post, a swarm of drones numbering anywhere from 17 to 30 have been appearing in the night sky above Colorado and Nebraska. The drones are roughly six feet across, and have been appearing and disappearing at…

Drone Farmer Arrest Results in 3-Year Sentence

A North Dakota man has become the first American sentenced to jail time due, in part, to the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (a.k.a. “drone” or UAV). The story goes back to 2011, when half a dozen wayward cows…

USS Chancellorsville Hit By Drone

According to ABC News, a United States Navy ship was hit by a drone Monday and had to head back to port. The U.S.S. Chancellorsville, a guided missile cruiser named for the site of a Civil War battle, was in…

Colorado Considers Ban on Hunting Drones

As communities across the country weigh in on how to handle new drone technology used for hunting, Colorado is considering a ban on the use of unmanned aircraft to help sportsmen seek out game. Federal law has banned hunting from…

Small Town To Consider Hunting Season On Drones

KJRH reports that the small town of Deer Trail, Colorado, will be considering an possible ordinance that would allow hunters in the area to shoot down drones. The town council will be voting on the ordinance that would also provide…

Drone Crashes Near Florida Highway

A U.S. Air Force drone crashed shortly after takeoff in the Florida panhandle near Tyndall Air Force Base today, forcing the closure of U.S. highway 98. The cause of the crash is not yet known, but authorities say that the…

FBI Drones in Domestic Surveillance

FBI Director Robert Mueller made headlines by admitting that the federal government has used drones to surveil residents of the United States. Mueller acknowledged that pilotless aircraft with surveillance capabilities were used in a “very minimal way” and only on…

Domino’s Pizza Delivery Service Takes To The Sky

Domino’s is pretty far out there as far as marketing goes, and that’s what makes the chain so cool. It was one of the first to really embrace online ordering, and now it’s starting to embrace alternative forms of delivery.…

Drone Strikes Killed 4 Americans in Last 4 Years

As drones have become more advanced, the American public has become more aware of the devices. The unmanned flying machines could soon be used by private companies (to deliver pizza, for example) and are already heavily used by the military…