France Testing Anti-Drone Laser System for 2024 Olympics

The French military is testing a laser-powered anti-drone system it hopes can be used to protect the 2024 Olympics.

Google Looking to Use Drones to Fight Wildfires

Google is looking to use drones in an innovative way, with plans to fight wildfires with them.

American Robotics First Company Approved For Automated Drone Flights

American Robotics has become the first company authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly automated drones.

CES 2021: Verizon’s Skyward and UPS Collaborating On Drone Deliveries

Verizon used CES 2021 to announce its Skyward drone company will be collaborating with UPS Flight Forward for retail deliveries.

Unmanned Drones Cleared For Night Flight and Flight Over People

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has passed new rules allowing drones to fly at night and fly over people.

Chinese Drone Maker DJI Faces Uncertain Future As It Faces US Blacklist

Chinese drone maker DJI is the latest company added to the US trade blacklist, throwing its future into uncertain territory.

Hybrid Drone Stays Aloft Over 10 Hours, Breaking Record

Quaternium Technologies has broken its own record for the longest drone flight, with its hybrid drone staying in the air for 10 hours, 14 minutes.

Morocco Using Drones to Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic

In one of the more unusual use cases, Morocco is the latest country to turn to arial drones to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.

CES 2020: PowerVision Unveils PowerEgg X Handheld, AI-Driven Drone

PowerVision made a splash at CES 2020 with an innovative drone that is small enough to double as a handheld camera and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its performance. PowerVision has long been known for making quality and innovative…

Swarms of Drones Appearing in the Colorado/Nebraska Night Sky and Nobody Knows Why

According to the Denver Post, a swarm of drones numbering anywhere from 17 to 30 have been appearing in the night sky above Colorado and Nebraska. The drones are roughly six feet across, and have been appearing and disappearing at…