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Ryan Gosling Defends Eva Mendes’ Comment About Sweatpants
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes share a daughter and a life together, so he no doubt realized the day might come when he’d have to defend her. He pr...
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Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves Join Elle Fanning in ‘The Neon Demon’
Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame has joined the cast of an upcoming Nicolas Refn film called The Neon Demon. Actor Keanu Reeves has reportedly sign...
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Lex Luthor to be Played by Bryan Cranston
Rumors have recently been spilled suggesting that Bryan Cranston will star in the ‘Man of Steel’ movie sequel, coming out soon. He will pl...
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NSA Recruiting Fiasco at U. Wisconsin
Last Tuesday, the NSA conducted a recruitment drive on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. Madiha Tahir, a journalist taking a language course ...
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Google Launches “Save To Drive” Chrome Extension
Google has launched a new Chrome extension for saving files to Google Drive, appropriately called Save to Drive. Once installed, it places a Drive ico...
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Google Shows Off Some Drive API Secrets
There were a lot of conferences and workshops during Google I/O this year. One of the newcomers to I/O – Google Drive APi – actually got s...
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Google Drive SDK Available To All Day One
After months, maybe even years to some, of waiting, Google Drive is finally upon us. We already went over the basics of the service and even its poten...
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Google Drive To Support Third Party Apps
Google’s upcoming cloud device, called Drive, might support applications developed by third parties. Drive might add support for third party app...
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Google Preps To Launch Cloud Storage Service, But Is It Necessary?
It would be remiss of Google if they left one corner of technology unexplored, so in order to ensure they aren’t vulnerable to such an oversight...
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