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Tag: DoubleClick Search

Marchex Integrates With DoubleClick Search To Connect Phone Calls to Keywords
Marchex announced a new integration with DoubleClick Search to deliver better return on ad spend for search marketers that rely on inbound phone calls...
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DoubleClick Search Commerce Suite Adds Bing Shopping Campaigns
Google announced that Bing Shopping Campaigns are now part of the DoubleClick Search Commerce Suite. It’s always heartwarming to see Google addi...
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DoubleClick Search Gets App Install Ads
Google announced app install ads for DoubleClick Search on Thursday – one of the many announcements from the company as it hosts its annual Goog...
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Google Adds Shopping Campaign Support To Doubleclick Search
As reported earlier, Google has added support for Shopping Campaigns to the AdWords API. The company has also now announced that DoubleClick Search is...
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Google Partners With Boost Media For DoubleClick Search
Google announced on Thursday that it has partnered with Boost Media to bring the latter’s ad creative optimization solution to DoubleClick Searc...
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Google Announces DoubleClick Search Commerce Suite
Google just announced the DoubleClick Search Commerce Suite, which the company describes as offering “a smarter, faster, product-centric layer t...
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DoubleClick Search Gets Reporting By Device Type
Google announced today that it has added reporting by device type to DoubleClick Search. It’s available to all advertisers. The feature will sho...
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Google Adds Inventory-Aware Campaigns To DoubleClick Search
Today, Google announced the ability to automatically create and optimize DoubleClick Search campaigns based on Google Merchant Center feeds. “We...
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Google Announces ‘DoubleCat Search’ Version Of DoubleClick Search
It has become abundantly clear that cats are an important part of the Internet, and in particular, search activity. Google has responded to this appro...
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Google Adds Enhanced Campaigns Support To DoubleClick Search
Last week, Google unveiled “Enhanced Campaigns” sending ripples of both worry and elation throughout the marketing world. Google describes...
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DoubleClick Search Gets New Bid Optimization Features
Google had added some new features to DoubleClick Search Performance Bidding Suite, including ROAS support, weighted conversion support for Target Spe...
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DoubleClick Search Gets Labeling For Campaigns, Ad Groups And Ads
Google announced today that it has added the ability to apply labels to campaigns, ad groups and ads, in addition to keywords, in DoubleClick Search. ...
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Google Launches Search Query Reports To All DoubleClick Search Customers
In April, Google announced that DoubleClick Search V3 would soon provide users with the ability to report on search queries. Today, Google announced t...
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