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Tag: Doodle

Facebook Photos Are About to Look More Like Snapchat
Facebook, which already handles an unconscionable amount of photos on a daily basis, has been adding tools as of late to get people even more engaged....
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Wassily Kandinsky: Abstract Artist Gets a Birthday Google Doodle
Wassily Kandinsky, the Russian-born artist and theorist who is known as one of the key figures in abstract art, has been given his own Google Doodle o...
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Leo Tolstoy: Russian Author Celebrated with Google Doodle
Today, Google is honoring famous Russian author Leo Tolstoy with a Doodle documenting some of his most important works, novels like Anna Karenina and ...
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Doodle 4 Google Competition Gets 11-Year-Old Audrey Zhang $30K Scholarship
If you visit Google’s homepage in the U.S. today, you’ll see a very interesting doodle. That’s the winner for 2014’s Doodle 4 ...
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Rachel Louise Carson Google Doodle Celebrates Environmentalist and ‘Silent Spring’ Author
Today, Google is celebrating influential environmentalist Rachel Louise Carson, whose 1962 book Silent Spring is credited with exposing everyday Ameri...
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Mary Anning: Influential Paleontologist Honored with Google Doodle
When it comes to paleontology, Mary Anning’s findings provide a bedrock. The British fossil collector and dealer, born in 1799, is said to have ...
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Rufous Hummingbird Gets Top Billing In Google’s Earth Day Doodle
Google has an interesting doodle up for Earth Day. It’s animated, and it shows several different animals as you click. You can click the search ...
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Percy Julian Honored With Google Doodle On His 115th Birthday
Google is celebrating the life of Percy Lavon Julian with a doodle on its homepage today, his 115th birthday. He died from liver cancer in 1975 at the...
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Dorothy Irene Height Honored With Google Doodle
Dorothy Irene Height is being remembered with a Google doodle on her 102nd birthday (she passed away in 2010). Height was a civil rights and womenR...
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Spring Equinox Gets A Google Doodle (And Here’s A Look Back At Some Others)
Google is celebrating the Spring Equinox, otherwise known as the first day of Spring, with an animated Google doodle. It features some ghost/Grimace-l...
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Holi (Festival Of Colors) Celebrated With Google Doodle
As mentioned, Google is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with its annual doodle, but in India, it’s celebrating Holi (the festival of colors)...
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St. Patrick’s Day Gets Its Annual Google Doodle (And Here’s A Look Back At The Others)
As usual, Google is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a Doodle. Google has been doing this just about every year since 2000. Here’s a loo...
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Crossword Inventor Arthur Wynne Gets A Google Doodle
Arthur Wynne, inventor of the crossword puzzle, is the subject of a doodle on Google’s homepage today as it honors 100 years of crossword puzzle...
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Grace Hopper Gets A Pair Of Google Doodles
Google is showing a doodle on its homepage today honoring computer scientist Grace Hopper on what would have been her 107th birthday. Hopper, born in ...
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Halloween Witch Casts A Variety Of Spells Over Google Doodle
Google has tapped a “Halloween witch” for some fun with today’s homepage doodle. It’s an interactive one, which lets you choos...
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John Wisden, ‘The Little Wonder’ Gets A Google Doodle
Cricketer John Wisden is getting the Google Doodle treatment in the UK today, on what would be his 187th birthday. At 5’6″, Wisden was kno...
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‘I Have A Dream’ Speech Gets Google Doodle
It was on this day in 1963 that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, calling for an end to racism. That makes ...
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Erwin Schrödinger And His Cat Honored With Worldwide Google Doodle
Google is paying tribute to Erwin Schrödinger with its homepage doodle today, as it honors the Austrian quantum physicist on what would have been his...
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Maria Mitchell Google Doodle Honors First Female Professional Astronomer
Today, Google is honoring Maria Mitchell with a really cool Doodle that shows the first American professional female astronomer using a telescope to l...
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Rosalind Franklin, DNA Pioneer, Gets a Google Doodle
Today, Google is using their homepage real estate to honor British biophysicist and X-ray crystallographer Rosalind Franklin with a Doodle. Franklin&#...
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