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Tag: Defense Distributed

Defense Distributed Is Now Entering The Bitcoin Game With Dark Wallet
Remember Defense Distributed? They were the guys that made the first 3D printed gun – the Liberator. The goal was to make a gun that couldn̵...
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Here’s The World’s First Fully 3D Printed Rifle
Defense Distributed made a lot of lawmakers very nervous – and Second Amendment defenders very happy – earlier this year when it revealed ...
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This 3D Printed Gun Can Fire Nine Shots
The very first fully 3D printed gun – The Liberator – is now out on the Internet despite the State Department having the original files re...
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British Journalists Sneak 3D Printed Gun On Board A Train Without Being Caught
Early last week, Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed realized his dream of a fully 3D printed gun with the Liberator – a handgun that can fire a ...
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Government Pulls 3D Printed Gun From Defcad, Says It May Violate ITAR
It was really only a matter of time. The United States Department of Defense Trade Controls has demanded that Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed pull ...
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The Liberator Is The First Fully 3D Printed Gun
Defense Distributed, Cody Wilson’s controversial startup that aims to create the first fully 3D printed gun, has finally achieved its goal. In a...
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Don’t Understand The 3D Printed Gun Controversy? Watch This Documentary
3D printed guns were viewed as more or less a curiosity when they first started to gain mainstream exposure last year. It wasn’t until the trage...
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Defense Distributed Now Has A License To Manufacture And Sell 3D Printed Firearms
Defense Distributed was never on the wrong side of the law with its 3D printed gun project. They were safe as long as they didn’t sell any of th...
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Defense Distributed Plans To Launch A Censorship-Free Thingiverse Rival
Defense Distributed is best known as the team behind the 3D printed gun parts that have inspired controversy around the country. Now the team is ready...
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Can 3D Printers And Strict Gun Regulation Coexist?
3D printed guns are creating quite a bit of controversy in the U.S. Proponents say having access to 3D printed gun parts preserves freedom in the face...
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Defense Distributed Perfects Its 3D Printed AR Lower, Fires 600 Rounds
After successfully 3D printing a high capacity magazine, Defense Distributed got back to work on perfecting its 3D printed AR lower. The first attempt...
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Defense Distributed Reveals 3D Printed High Capacity Magazine
Despite what some may say, we’re still far away from a completely 3D printed gun. That being said, the team at Defense Distributed is making mor...
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Defense Distributed Makes A 3D Printed AR Magazine
Despite some setbacks, the WikiWeapon project continues its feverish pace to become the first fully 3D printed firearm. The team made a breakthrough o...
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Congressman Doesn’t Understand 3D Printers, Calls For Ban On 3D Printed Guns
The Wiki Weapon Project has already attracted its fair share of controversy. The project was put on hold earlier this year after its 3D printer was se...
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3D Printed Gun Project Kind Of Succeeds, Lasts 6 Shots Before Breaking
Remember Defense Distributed? These are the guys who started the WikiWeapon Project that sought to create a 3D printed gun after HaveBlue, a gunsmith,...
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DIY Gun Project Put On Hold As Creators Have Their 3D Printer Seized
Do you remember the Wiki Weapon project? It was a collection of individuals united a common banner – Defense Distributed – whose goal was ...
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The Wiki Weapon Project Aims To Create The First Fully 3D Printed Gun
You may remember last month when a 3D printer enthusiast created the lower-receiver of a gun with a 3D printer from the 90s. He then used after market...
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