Defense Distributed Reveals 3D Printed High Capacity Magazine

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Despite what some may say, we're still far away from a completely 3D printed gun. That being said, the team at Defense Distributed is making more progress towards its goal of making the first fully 3D printed gun. This week's update includes a newly designed AR magazine.

Defense Distributed calls its latest creation the "Cuomo." It's a high capacity 30-round AR magazine. You can see a video of it's build quality below:

Next, the team tested the magazine with an AR rifle to see if it could withstand natural forces. In the video below, they fire sixty shots and the magazine is apparently still intact:

According to the team, their next goal is to print an AK magazine. By the end of all this, I wouldn't be surprised if they had a 3D printed magazine for every kind of gun. At least, that seems to be what they're working towards at the moment as other parts of a gun aren't exactly plastic, and therefore 3D printer, friendly just yet.

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