The Wiki Weapon Project Aims To Create The First Fully 3D Printed Gun

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You may remember last month when a 3D printer enthusiast created the lower-receiver of a gun with a 3D printer from the 90s. He then used after market parts to create a fully working gun. It brought up the question of whether or not people should be allowed to make their own guns with something as easily accessible as a 3D printer. One group thinks the answer is a resounding yes.

Meet Defense Distributed, a group of gun enthusiasts who are making it their goal to create the first fully 3D printed gun. They call the project "Wiki weapon" and have even started an Indiegogo fundraiser to fund the project. Unfortunately, Indiegogo has shut down their page. According to Forbes, the takedown was due to "unusual account activity."

Even without the Indiegogo campaign, they're still trying to accomplish their mission of creating the first fully 3D printed gun. Here's the video they created for the fundraiser that explains their ambitions:

The group isn't about making guns easily available to all through the use of 3D printers. Their goal is to put the information online for free for all to have access to. They see it as a personal expression of liberty.

A personal expression of liberty has been at the core of the 3D printing movement since it became cheap enough for hobbyists to afford. People see 3D printing as their way to move past the regulations and strict control that traditional manufacturers put on their products. You can agree or disagree with them using the freedom found in 3D printing to create guns, but you can't deny that 3D printing is quickly changing our perception of supply and demand.

If you're interested in Defense Distributed's ideas, you can check out their Web site for all the details. They're still trying to raise money through more traditional means like PayPal and Bitcoin so they may realize their dream of a fully 3D printed gun just yet.

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