Google Acknowledges What A Mess This Is

The whole “right to be forgotten” thing is an absolute mess, and Google knows it. Google always knew it would be, which is why it always opposed the concept, but now it has no choice but to comply with law.…

Italian Prosecutor Appeals Google Execs’ Acquittal

About seven years ago, a video was uploaded to YouTube featuring a group of school kids bullying an autistic child. This led to three Google executives – David Drummond, Peter Fleischer (pictured) and George Reyes – being convicted in 2010…

Google Calls Microsoft, Apple Patent Strategy Anti-Competitive [Updated]

Google ran an interesting post from its Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond on the Official Google Blog today called “When Patents Attack Android.” It tells a tale of two tech giants teaming up to impede the…

Google Renews Focus On Growth In China

Since the Chinese government hasn’t decided to force it out, Google’s going to move forward in the country, according to a high-ranking exec.  David Drummond said this week that Google is making an effort to hire more workers and attract new advertisers.

Google Introduces Uncensored Results In China

Google’s followed through on its promise to promote free speech in China, as Chinese citizens who attempt to conduct searches on today will not encounter censored results.  Instead, they will redirected to, where Google is offering an interface and uncensored search results in simplified Chinese.