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Intel Wins DARPA Contract For Off-Road Autonomous Vehicle Sim Software
Intel has won a contract to provide the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) with simulation software for autonomous off-road vehicle tes...
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Intel and Microsoft Working For DARPA On Usable Homomorphic Encryption
Intel and Microsoft are working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a usable form of homomorphic encryption....
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Twitter Hires Famed Hacker ‘Mudge’ to Oversee Security
As it continues to deal with security issues and misinformation, Twitter has hired Peiter Zatko, known as Mudge, as head of security....
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One Step Closer to Skynet: AI Beats Top Air Force Pilot
An AI-powered “pilot” went undefeated in five rounds of simulated dogfighting with a top Air Force pilot....
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Microfluidic Cooling May Keep Moore’s Law Intact
Michael Kassner, a freelance writer, wrote a very interesting article published at TechRepublic on how microfluidic cooling might be the answer to pre...
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Google’s Humanoid Robot Can Stalk You Through the Woods Now
In that’s just wonderful news, the Google-owned Boston Dynamics is now testing its ATLAS humanoid robot outdoors, which led to this incredibly c...
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NASA Made A Robot Monkey Because It Could
NASA has one of the most advanced robotics labs on the planet where the agency builds the next-generation of space faring robots. It’s latest &#...
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DARPA Just Spent $26M… On Anti-Missile Laser Beam
According to an article in Military & Aerospace Electronics, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has given a total of $26 million ...
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The Future of The Battlefield Has Robots With Legs
Imagine a battlefield. Your back is pressed against the wall of a crumbling and shaking building, dust collects in your face, and your ears ring from ...
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That Cheetah Robot Is Back With No Wires Attached
In September of last year, DARPA introduced the world to its cheetah robot. It can run at speeds up to 29 MPH, but it posed no threat to humanity as i...
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DARPA’s Atlas Robot Gets A Training Montage
Remember Atlas? The robot that can walk like a man and withstand being hit with 20 pound weights is back and better than ever. In fact, Atlas is now h...
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DARPA Robot ATLAS Has More Coordination Than You
Whenever there is news about strides in artificial intelligence, or a futuristic robot capable of performing various feats in the cycle, inevitable jo...
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Here’s Another Look At DARPA’s ATLAS Robot
Last week, DARPA introduced the world to ATLAS – a robot that walks like a man, and can regain its balance after being hit by a 20 lb. wrecking ...
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This Robot Can Survive Being Hit By A Wrecking Ball
I thought that maybe DARPA would hold off on making killer robots for a while, but the defense contractor is back at it again what it calls “one...
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DARPA Holds Off On Making Killer Robots For A Bit To Make These Amazing Prosthetics
DARPA is scary. The military research agency has created a number of robots that will ensure our destruction, but at least it’s now making advan...
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DARPA Trains BigDog To Throw Cinder Blocks
I think we’ve been too hard on DARPA. They’re not trying to incite the robot apocalypse. They’re just trying to create machines that...
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Underwater Military Drones to be Developed by the U.S.
The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the wing of the U.S. Department of Defense that develops future military technology, has announc...
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DARPA’s Robot Mule Is Even Scarier Than Before
Remember DARPA’s LS3 robotic mule from a few moths back. At that point, the robot was just beginning to learn how to walk on rugged terrain and ...
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8 Terrifying Robot Videos From DARPA
Have you ever just stopped and taken a few minutes to peruse DARPA’s YouTube channel? There’s a good chance you’ve seen some of thes...
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This Robot Is Really Good At Navigating Obstacles
DARPA has uploaded a new video of its Pet-Proto (a predecessor to its Atlas robot) confronting obstacles, which it says are “similar to those ro...
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