DARPA's Atlas Robot Gets A Training Montage

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Remember Atlas? The robot that can walk like a man and withstand being hit with 20 pound weights is back and better than ever. In fact, Atlas is now hard at work training for the annual DARPA Robotics Challenge.

In the latest video, we get to see Atlas' fulfill its promise of being able to traverse rough terrain. The engineers at Boston Dynamics have set up a walking course full of pointed rocks that would make even the most rugged mountaineer wince upon seeing it. Atlas takes it a like a champ, however, as his feet can instantly adapt to constant changes in the terrain.

The 20 pound wrecking ball makes a return as well. Atlas still balances on one foot while it's hit by the wrecking ball. Atlas doesn't break a figurative sweat though as it keeps its cool under repeated hits.

At this point, I feel that I should be scared of Atlas. It will be able to hunt through the rubble of our future fallen cities with ease while it looks for more humans to add to its human farms. While that thought is certainly disturbing, I can't but feel impressed that robotics have come this far.

So keep on doing what you do, Atlas. Just remember to make my death quick and painless when the time comes.

[Image: BostonDynamics/YouTube]