Facebook Buying CRM Startup Kustomer

Facebook has reached a deal to acquire Kustomer, the maker of a “customer service CRM platform built for today.”

ServiceNow CEO: COVID Accelerated Digital Transformation

Bill McDermott, CEO of ServiceNow, discusses how COVID has exacerbated “broken systems” and has accelerated the digital transformation of companies around the world.

Verizon Chooses Google Cloud Contact Center AI

Google Cloud has scored a major win as Verizon has chosen its Contact Center AI to help power its customer service experience.

Could Your Small Business Benefit from Using Chatbots?

The mindset of the modern consumer is one of urgency and convenience. Businesses that reply to queries and concerns quickly and without hassle generally earn more customer loyalty and have better brand reputation.

Walmart May Bring Customer Service Drones to Its Stores Soon, Retailer Files Patents

Walmart has always been known to push boundaries. The company is continuing this innovative culture with its recent filing of patents for keeping track of inventory, a store drone and other technologies aimed at changing how customers shops. Walmart is…

How Social Media Is Changing the Way Businesses Conduct Customer Service

Social media has become more than just a networking platform. It’s become an ecosystem where friends, family, consumers, and brands interact with one another at lightning speed. In this age of hyper connectivity, brands are slowly realizing the potential of…

7 Ways to Improve Customer Service for Your eCommerce Business

Online businesses have been booming in recent years due to the conveniences they offer. If you’re planning to enter this industry, you should bear in mind that an online shop is significantly different from a physical store. Unlike the latter,…

Can AI Replace Your Customer Service Representative?

Businesses are quickly changing the way they operate by automating menial tasks with the help of Artificial Intelligence or AI. More companies are now using chatbots to help users accomplish tasks that would, in the past, require the assistance of…

Tips for Building the Perfect Chatbot for Your Business

Chatbots are becoming more sophisticated and are changing the way people communicate on the internet. Although relatively new, chatbots hold a lot of promise and are bound to change the way business owners conduct online marketing. Building the perfect chatbot…

How to Use Twitter to Improve Customer Service

In a recent CXweek event, Twitter Sr. Product Marketing Manager Jeff Lesser gave an interesting talk about how to use Twitter to improve customer service. “At Twitter we like to think that we have the best platform for doing customer…