Google Relaxing Vaccine and Mask Requirements

Google is making major changes to its policies, relaxing its vaccine and mask requirements, as well as reinstating many office-based perks.

COVID/WFH Has Broken Big Tech

In a huge Twitter thread, a big tech insider reveals that COVID and generous work from home privileges are destroying the morale of big tech employees.

FDA Authorizes Pfizer’s Pill to Treat COVID-19

In a potential game-changer in the fight against COVID, the FDA has approved Pfizer’s pill to treat COVID.

Apple Delays Return to Office Indefinitely, Gives Employees $1,000

Apple has joined the list of companies pushing back its return-to-office date as the omicron variants threatens a new wave of infections.

Google Will Fire Employees Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

Google is drawing a line in the sand, saying it will cut pay and eventually fire employees who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

No, Companies Have No Idea When They’ll Return to the Office

After multiple return-to-office dates, COVID-19 surges and delayed expectations, one thing is clear: Companies have no idea when they’ll return.

Omicron Delays Google’s Back-to-Office Date

Google is delaying its back-to-office date again, this time as a result of the omicron COVID-19 variant.

Unvaccinated COVID Patients Will Pay Their Own Bills In Singapore

The Singapore government is tired of footing the bill for unvaccinated COVID-19 patients, and will soon force them to pay their own medical bills.

United Airlines Will Start Firing Workers Who Don’t Get Vaccinated

United Airlines is taking a zero-tolerance policy toward the unvaccinated, with plans to fire employees who refuse to get the jab.

Walgreens Exposed COVID Testing Data, Refused to Fix Issue

In a shocking display of negligence and incompetence, Walgreens left COVID testing data exposed and refused to fix the issue when notified.

Google Pushes Return to Office Back to January

Google has pushed its return to the office date back again, just weeks after a previous delay.

Intel Giving Employees $250 to Get COVID Vaccine

Intel is ramping up its efforts to encourage its employees to get the COVID vaccine, offering a $250 incentive.

Facebook Delays Return to Office Until 2022

Facebook is the latest company to push back its return-to-office date, shooting for January 2022 amid the Delta surge.

California Now Offering Digital COVID Vaccination Record

California is now offering residents digital proof-of-vaccination, making it that much easier for someone to prove their vaccination status.

COVID-19 and Genetic Testing

Last spring, President Joe Biden set a goal for 70% of American adults to be vaccinated in time for July 4th.  As of May 2021, 50% of Americans have been at least partially vaccinated against the disease.  While the feat…

Bitcoin 2021 Labeled a ‘Super Spreading Event’

The Bitcoin 2021 conference may have come and gone, but it’s having a lingering impact as attendees are beginning to test positive for COVID-19.

Zoom Announces Zoom Events to Tackle Virtual Experiences

Zoom has announced it will release Zoom Events this summer, in an effort to help companies of all sizes tackle virtual events.

DoorDash Offering On-Demand COVID Test Delivery

DoorDash is expanding beyond its traditional market, with a new deal to deliver COVID-19 tests.

UVeya Using UV Light Robots to Disinfect Airplanes

UVeya, a Swiss start-up, is testing robots that use ultraviolet (UV) light to disinfect airplanes, in an effort to make air travel safer.

Biden Administration Working on Vaccination Passport Standards

The Biden administration is working on standards to help establish a vaccination passport, another step toward a return to normal.