30 Easy Ways To Increase Your Ecommerce Conversions

Many eCommerce websites are struggling to make conversions. Since conversion rates directly correlate to the overall performance of businesses, this can be quite problematic. If your eCommerce business isn’t making the desired number of conversions, don’t give up hope. Here…

Jazz Jennings Is the Teen Caitlyn Jenner, And Her Show Is Reaching People

Jazz Jennings is to teens what Caitlyn Jenner is to adults. The transgender teen sensation and the former Olympic decathlon are both raising awareness of how transgender folks are perceived and treated in today’s society. While Caitlyn Jenner has her…

Report Finds Conversion Metrics Losing Relevance in Shopping

Demandware (one of the early partners on Pinterest’s “buyable pins”) recently released its Q1 Shopping Index finding that digital shoppers worldwide spent less time per visit, but created 22% more baskets and placed 21% more orders compared to the prior…

AdWords Gets New Call Conversion Features

Last fall, Google launched calls as conversions for AdWords in the US, UK, and Germany. They recently expanded this functionality to Spain and Australia. The company says it will expand it to additional countries in the coming year. “In a…

Google AdWords Adds ‘Flexible Conversion Counting’

Google announced a new AdWords feature called flexible conversion counting, which is described as an improved way for advertisers to count conversions that “really matter”. Google says that the feature enables businesses to better measure the value of each click…

Twitter Gives Conversion Tracking To All Advertisers

Twitter just announced the general availability of conversion tracking for its advertising platform. This gives marketers a measurement and reporting tool to help them get a better idea of just how effective their Twitter campaigns are. Twitter has been testing…

Google Launches ‘Estimated Total Conversions’ Feature In AdWords

Google announced the launch of Estimated Total Conversions for search ads in AdWords. This feature is designed to show advertisers the conversions they see immediately, like online sales, in addition to an estimate of conversions that will likely take multiple…

Autocomplete Type Attribute Can Increase Conversions, Says Google

Google announced that Chrome is now supporting an experimental “autocomplete type” attribute for form fields that enable developers to unambiguously label text and select fields with common data types, like “full-name” or “street-address”. “With this attribute, web developers can drive…

Google Adds Multi-Channel Funnels to Google Analytics

Google announced a new set of five reports in Google Analytics today called Multi-Channel Funnels. In Analytics, conversions and ecommerce transactions are credited to the last campaign, search, or ad that referred the visitor when he or she converted,” Google…

Opportunity Clicks: Social Media and Converting Clicks Into Action

Social Media is celebrated for its power to cultivate influential relationships and foster viral conversations. As consumer attention shifts away from traditional mediums and migrates to the golden triangle of mobile, PC, and next generation Web appliances, businesses are racing to engage in the hopes of capturing fleeting awareness and igniting affinity.

Facebook Registration Plugin for WordPress Launched

Last week, Facebook launched a new registration tool for site owners. With this, users can quickly sign up for new sites with their Facebook profiles. The tool goes beyond the simple log-in feature of Facebook Connect, and lets users more easily fill out forms based on the information that they’ve already shared with Facebook (such as email address, name, birthday, phone number, etc.)

Making The Most Of The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and with them the short window of vast opportunity for many online retailers. As an SEO we get inundated with panicked requests for rankings before the holidays. Of course that’s not going to happen at this point (at least – I wouldn’t start organic SEO campaigns now for the holiday season) so what can you do to make the most of what you’ve got this holiday season? Improve your conversions.

Clicks But No Conversions? It’s the Landing Page Every Time.

Are you putting enough thought into your landing pages? If not, it’s probably the main reason your conversions, or more importantly your revenue, aren’t higher. At PubCon in Las Vegas, WebProNews spoke with Brad Geddes, Founder of PPC training firm bgTheory about advanced PPC and landing page optimization. 

Why Landing Page Optimization is Critical

Your Social Strategy May Lack Key Elements for Increasing Conversions

As a business, it’s great to get out there and engage with customers. It’s great to use a variety of social media channels to open up communication and spread your marketing message, but what a lot of business decision makers might not realize is that it can be the combination of tactics that work much better than any one strategy.

Google: Click-to-Call Ads Can Reduce Costs by 30%, Boost Conversions

Google is talking about how the click-to-call ads it introduced earlier this year are reducing acquisition costs for advertisers.  The company points to a case study from Esurance.

New Data From Google Can Help You Optimize Your Site for Conversions

Google has just started sharing more detailed data for each individual search query in the Top search queries feature in Webmaster Tools.  Google used to just report the average position at which your site’s pages appeared in the search results for a particular query.

Google Conversion Optimizer Gets Target CPA Bidding

Google has launched a new feature for its Conversion Optimizer tool for AdWords. It’s called Target CPA Bidding, and lets advertisers set a bid that reflects the average amount they’d like to pay for a conversion, as opposed to the maximum they’re willing to pay for it.

Are You Wrong About What it Takes to Get Conversions?

SeeWhy has released an eBook with an interesting premise for online retailers. It looks at how the top 10 converting e-commerce sites drive their website conversions. The main takeaway, a representative for SeeWhy tells WebProNews is that "the top 10 converting e-commerce sites, on average, convert roughly 10 times as many visitors into customers as the typical site — 23 percent vs. 2-3 percent."

Increasing Conversions Doesn’t Come From Slowing Things Down

I probably don’t have to tell you that time is valuable, but is this something you are considering when it comes to your customers’ time?

If you run an e-commerce business, you have to consider that consumers want to spend as little time on your site as possible. That’s not to say that they don’t want to buy from you. They just want to be able to do so quickly, and the more time you make them spend on the buying process, the less likely they are to actually buy from you (remember – the competition may only be a click away).