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What Have Google’s Biggest Mistakes Been?
Do you feel like Google makes many mistakes when it comes to trying to improve its search results? Do you think they’ve gone overboard or not fa...
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Variety Calls Demand Media ‘Epic Fail’
We’ve been following the Demand Media story with intrigue over the last few years, as it has proven to be the highest profile example of how a s...
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Can Search Save Yahoo?
To say that Yahoo has had its share of problems in the past few years is an understatement. The most recent news of the now former CEO Scott Thompson ...
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Is DuckDuckGo Gaining Ground on Google?
In recent years, the search industry has not changed a lot in terms of large players. Google has maintained the leader position with its ownership of ...
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eHow Launches Tech Channel, Continues Down The “Expert” Path
Demand Media has launched a new eHow Tech channel for tips and advice for consumers from “experts” on technology topics. The company refer...
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Narrative Science, The Robotic Content Farm, Is Looking At More Languages
Have you read about Narrative Science? This is a company that is creating web articles using computers. We’ve referenced them on more than one o...
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Demand Media Earnings: Content/Media Revenue Up 15% YoY
Demand Media just released its fourth quarter and fiscal 2011 financial results, beating analysts’ expectations, but posting a net loss for the ...
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2011: Year Of The (Google) Panda
Perhaps the biggest story line in Internet search this year has been the ongoing saga of the Google Panda Update. Let’s recap, and look ahead to nex...
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Skyword Gets $6 Million Investment From Cox
Update:Following the publication of this piece, we were reached by Skyword, who appears to take exception to being linked to the “content farm&#...
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Yahoo Gets Rid of 75,000 Associated Content Articles, Launches Yahoo Voices
Yahoo has now decided to follow Demand Media’s lead by deleting 75,000 articles from Associated Content, and is even going so far as to change Assoc...
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Helium Account Balances Appear Negative for Writers
Writing community Helium is apparently having some issues in the writers’ payments department. If you’re not familiar with Helium otherwise, W...
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Demand Media Giving Top Writers Assignment Priority
Demand Media is no stranger to controversy, and while the company has clearly taken a much firmer stance on content quality this year, it’s leav...
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Demand Media Writers Offer Different Viewpoints of Assignment Reduction
Demand Media recently alerted Demand Media Studios writers that it would be reducing the amount of assignments it would be given out. As discussed in ...
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Demand Media Shifts from “Content Farm” Approach, Writers Lose Income Source
Demand Media, with its site eHow, has essentially been the poster child for the term “content farm” – something the company has done...
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Google Panda Update: eHow Untouched, Says Pleased with Progress on Content Quality
While escaping the wrath of the Panda update again, Demand Media tells WebProNews that it’s pleased with the results of its eHow clean-up initia...
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Google Panda Update: HubPages Enables Subdomains to Help Content Recover
Is subdomaining the answer to a recovery from the Google Panda update? After some testing, HubPages is convinced that it can play a significant role, ...
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Google Panda Update: The Solution for Recovery?
Many sites are still wondering how they can come back from being hit by the Google Panda update. Google has certainly stressed quality, and victims of...
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Panda Victim Xomba “Dances on the Bones of Content Farms”
Earlier this year, we had a conversation with John Citrone, editor of the online writing community, which fell victim to Google’s Pand...
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4% Say Sites Fully Recovered from Panda Update
We recently ran an interview with Dani Horowitz, who runs Daniweb, an IT discussion forum that got pounded by Google’s Panda update. Horowitz to...
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Google Panda Algorithm Update (And Related Stories) – A Roundup
We’ve been covering a Google’s Panda Algorithm update a lot since its initial launch (in some ways even before its launch). We thought it ...
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