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HBO GO Comes to the PS4, Finally
Almost a year to the day after HBO GO came to the PS3, it’s finally coming to the PS4. It wasn’t already on there, you ask. No. No, it was...
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Xbox One Price Slashed to $399 Without Kinect
In yet another huge Xbox announcement from Microsoft, the price of the Xbox One will soon be cut to just $399. This price brings Microsoft’s new...
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Xbox One Launching in China in September, a Year After Lift on Console Ban
Fourteen years ago, China enacted a console ban as the Ministry of Culture derided both the political and violent content in many games. Sure, black m...
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Xbox One Proves A Huge Success For Microsoft
It’s been a great year for gaming. After sitting on the success of the Xbox 360 since 2005, Microsoft finally launched Xbox One back in November...
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Sony Sold More Than 4.2 Million PlayStation 4s Last Year
Microsoft announced yesterday that it sold more than three million Xbox One consoles before the end of 2013. Now Sony has weighed in with its latest P...
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Microsoft Sold More Than 3 Million Xbox One Consoles Last Year
Months away from the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in November, both Sony and Microsoft are now settling in for a long console com...
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Xbox One Hits Store Shelves; Here Are Its Future Games
Microsoft’s new Xbox One console is officially on sale in North America. While ostensibly a dedicated video game device, Microsoft is positionin...
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Xbox One Tops Analyst Console Assessment
The launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is less than one month away, and Microsoft’s Xbox One will follow close behind. As video game f...
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China Ends Video Game Console Ban
Back in July, a Chinese newspaper reported on a proposed policy that would lift the long-time Chinese ban of video game consoles. The plan reportedly ...
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Console Launch Rumors: 10M PS4s, 7-9M Xbones
It’s now less than three months until November, the month Microsoft has tied to the launch of its next-generation console, the Xbox One. Rumors ...
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Amazon Developing an Android Video Game Console [RUMOR]
The success of video games on mobile devices has begun to drastically affect the video game industry. Free-to-play game pricing has begun to invade bo...
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Nintendo Has Sold Over 600 Million Devices Since Its Launch
Say what you will about Nintendo and its place in modern gaming. While the Xbox and PlayStation may be the dominant software when it comes to the news...
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Nintendo to Release Black 3DS XL in August
Though Nintendo’s Wii U console is struggling to sell, the company’s handheld 3DS console is gaining even more traction than ever. While t...
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‘Xbox’ Was the Best Choice at the Time, Proves Rejected Names List
Say what you want about the name Microsoft decided to give its groundbreaking gaming console back in 2001 – but “Xbox” sure beats &#...
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‘Pulp’ Launches as the First Xbox-Exclusive Movie
Pulp, a british indie “comedy about comics,” debuts today as the first-ever Xbox 360-exclusive film. As streaming and downloading options ...
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Ouya Consoles Begin Shipping on March 28
The Ouya console has been quite the success story. The Google Android-powered game console began as a Kickstarter campaign asking for just under $1 mi...
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Wii Mini Coming to the U.K. on March 22
Sales of Nintendo‘s Wii U haven’t haven’t been quite as high as the company had been hoping. In January, fewer than 100,000 Wii U...
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PlayStation 4 Unveiled: Watch the Full Presentation Here
If you couldn’t catch Sony‘s big PlayStation 4 announcement last night (or you fell asleep before it was over), you’re in luck. The ...
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PS4 Controller Unveiled With Touchpad, Share Button
Though Sony didn’t show off the look of its new console at last night’s big PlayStation 4 unveiling, the new controller for the console wa...
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PlayStation 4 Announcement Streaming Live Online; Here’s Where You Can Watch it
[UPDATE] Sony’s announcement can also be seen via the PlayStation channel on TwitchTV, or live on this very page: Live video from your iPhone us...
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