PS4 Controller Unveiled With Touchpad, Share Button


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Though Sony didn't show off the look of its new console at last night's big PlayStation 4 unveiling, the new controller for the console was heavily featured.

The controller, named the "DualShock 4" resembles Sony's previous generation controllers, but with some significant twists. For one, the middle section of the controller has been stretched and now features a touchpad similar to those found on the back of the PlayStation Vita. Sony didn't comment or mention what the touchpad will be used for, but developers are sure to come up with some creative uses for it.

Another difference is the "share" button located to the left of the touchpad and the "options" button to the right of it. The options button simply takes the place of the old "Start" and "Select" buttons, but the share button will unlock some powerful new sharing features built into the PS4. Pressing the button allows gamers to broadcast their play session - even gameplay that has already taken place. The PlayStation 4 will keep a buffer of gameplay that can be shared or streamed to websites such as Ustream. The button can also enable the sharing of in-game items between gamers or upload images and video to Facebook.

The backside of the DualShock 4

The back of the DualShock 4 features a glowing six-axis sensor that enables motion control, and the L2 and R2 triggers have been changed from past DualShock designs. Sony stated that the analog sticks on the controller have also been redesigned for "better precision plus improved surface materials...for more delicate manipulation."