John Boehner Hate, Hate, Hates on Obama's Free College Plan with Taylor Swift GIFs

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The staff of fiscal conservative John Boehner has taken the time to explain why you should be against President Obama's recently announced plan to provide free community college to some Americans.

Knowing that that only way to reach the kids these days is either adderall or Taylor Swift, Boehner's comms office has smartly decided to go with the latter. Fresh today on the official .gov site for Speaker of the House John Boehner – 12 Taylor Swift GIFs for you.

Here's what the post has to say:

Last week, President Obama announced his latest idea to provide "free" community college to millions of Americans. It sounded exciting at first…

But then, we got to thinking ... Free?! Is he using magic money? Nothing is free. So we did a little math. Turns out…when President Obama said "free" what he meant was "60 Billion dollars over 10 years." Not even all the Taylor Swift album sales in the world would cover that bill.

Still, 60 billion dollars is a lot of can't just shake it off. And the president knows full well there’s no blank space in the taxpayers' checkbook. Does that mean he intends to try to pay for his "free" plan with a tax increase on millions of Americans? Or does it mean he wants to pile up more debt on the very young people this idea is supposed to help?

Even then: college STILL wouldn’t be free – there are all kinds of other fees and costs – not unlike all the higher costs we’re seeing in this tough economy. Wait, wouldn’t it be better if we just worked together to lower costs for folks across the board and improve our children’s education?

Looks like an apology is in order, Mr. President…

We're not mad. We're just disappointed.

Except that's not it. Interspersed between the message are, in fact, 12 Taylor Swift GIFs. Like this one:

Not since the great Mitch MoConnell memeing of 2013 have we seen such skillful deployment of internet. Congrats guys.

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