Salesforce Community Sites Are Leaking Private Data

A configuration issue is causing Salesforce Community sites, including those of banks and healthcare companies, to leak data.

One-Third of Organizations Struggle With Data Loss Prevention Systems

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has bad news for the industry, saying that nearly one-third of organizations struggle with data loss prevention (DLP) systems.

Google Cloud May Be Vulnerable to Unnoticed Data Theft

Google Cloud may be more vulnerable than its competitors to unnoticed data theft, thanks to logs that are not as helpful as they should be.

Biden Administration Prepares to Regulate Cloud Security

The Biden Administration is preparing to regulate cloud security, viewing the industry as too great a security risk to ignore.

CloudBees: 45% of Execs Are Only Halfway Through Securing Supply Chain

The latest report from CloudBees is bad news for the cloud industry, with many companies still not fully securing their supply chain.

Beginner’s Guide to the Benefits of Cloud Security

Cloud security may be a difficult field, but it is utterly important to protect your business at all costs. Learn some helpful tips in the article below.

Oracle Releases Massive April 2022 Critical Patch Update

Oracle has released a major April 2022 Critical Patch Update, fixing a whopping 520 issues.

IBM Announces SaaS Cloud Pak for Zero Trust Security

IBM is going all-in on zero trust security, with the introduction of a Software as a Service (SaaS) version of Cloud Pak for Security.

Darktrace CEO: People Are Going To Give a Hard Look At Cloud Security

“People are going to really give a hard look at cloud security,” says Darktrace CEO Nicole Eagan. “At the end of the day, it also says when you have something of this scale why not use some artificial intelligence or something that could have spotted this. Actually what was done was pretty blatant.”

Oracle to Deliver the Most Comprehensive Cloud on Planet Earth

Yesterday Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced that his company is poised and ready to deliver the most comprehensive cloud this planet has ever seen, and there’s some real substance to what he’s saying. Oracle’s new public cloud features their fusion…