eBay Sells Classifieds Business For Nearly $9 Billion

eBay has streamlined its focus and reached a deal to sell its classifieds business for nearly $9 billion.

eBay Pursuing Sale Of Its Classified-Ads Business

eBay has been considering selling its classified-ads business for some time, but it appears the company is finally taking steps in that direction.

Craigslist Finally Releases Its Very Own, Official iOS App

“Better late than never” goes the old saying. Of course, well over a decade late may be pushing it a bit. Craigslist doesn’t appear to have gotten the memo, however, as they have finally released an official iOS app—a full…

Newspapers Are Dying For A Lot Of Reasons, And Craigslist Is One Of Them

Newspapers are dying. It’s an inevitable fact that the Internet has made print newspapers largely irrelevant. People think that the Internet has only robbed newspapers of their readers due to the medium’s ability to deliver news faster, but a new…

eBay Craigslist Dispute Turns Into Criminal DoJ Investigation

Prosecutors with the U.S. Justice Department are reportedly investigating claims that eBay employees took confidential info from Craigslist to use in a service that would compete with it. Reuters reports that it has obviated a copy of a grand jury…

eBay Launches New Classifieds Site

eBay said today it is launching two iPhone selling apps, one for its online marketplace and one for its new classifieds site.

With the new eBay Selling and classifieds apps users can photograph and list an item in less than a minute.  On April 3, the company will introduce a new version of the eBay app for iPad.