LAPD Collects Everyone’s Social Media Data and Social Security Numbers

The LAPD has instructed officers to collect social media data and social security numbers on everyone they stop.

Microsoft Joins IBM & Amazon, Won’t Sell Facial Recognition Tech to Police

Microsoft has become the third major tech company to announce it will not sell facial recognition technology to police.

Amazon Follows IBM, Bans Police Use of Rekognition

Amazon has announced a one-year moratorium on police use of its facial recognition software, Rekognition.

IBM Ends Its Facial Recognition Business

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna has written Congress to inform them the company no longer offers general purpose facial recognition and analysis software.

Facebook Reveals New Census Interference Policy Ahead of 2020 Census

Facebook received its share of criticism over the 2016 election thanks to Russian operatives using the social media platform to sow disinformation and disagreement. As a result, ahead of the 2020 census—the first people can complete online—Facebook is taking measures…

Jill Soloway: ‘We Have a Trans Civil Rights Problem’

Jill Soloway won her first Emmy on Sunday, for Outstanding Directing on a Comedy Series for the hit Amazon original show Transparent. And she used her acceptance speech to call for action on transgender rights. “We don’t have a trans…

Netflix Announces Original Nina Simone Documentary

Netflix has really been making a name for itself when it comes to acquiring and releasing high-quality documentary features. In fact, thanks to the service, people have never had such easy access to such a plethora of this kind of…

Michael Brown Verdict: Darren Wilson Turning in Badge?

The Michael Brown verdict has everyone on edge, but probably no one more than Darren Wilson. Now the Washington Times reports that the officer at the heart of the stand-off is in talks to turn in his badge. Sources said…

Al Sharpton Reveals Secret To His Dramatic Weight Loss: No Dinner

Reverend and civil rights activist Al Sharpton recently weighed in at 129.6 pounds, which is less than half of his previous weight of 305 pounds and only one pound away from being classified as underweight. Sharpton revealed that the secret…

Al Sharpton Friend Accused of Assault After Party

Al Sharpton’s friend–an as-yet unnamed woman–was allegedly raped in the hours following a celebration for Sharpton’s 60th birthday. Another of Sharpton’s friends–Attorney Sanford Rubenstein–is presently under investigation by the New York Police Department with regard to the rape. The New…