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CVS To Stop Selling All Tobacco Products
The luxury of being able to purchase your cigarettes, while picking up your prescriptions, will soon come to an end. CVS Caremark made an announcement...
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FDA Reveals New Anti-Smoking Campaign For Teens
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today revealed a new anti-smoking ad campaign targeted at teens. The ads will be geared toward preventing ...
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“Marlboro Marijuana Cigarettes” A Hoax
The internet was set ablaze over the past few days following a report by Abril Uno that Phillip Morris, the largest producer of cigarettes in the worl...
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E-Cigarettes Have Been Banned In New York
On Thursday, the New York City Council voted nearly unanimously to ban the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in public places. The ban inclu...
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New York City to Raise Smoking Age From 18 to 21
Among its 8.3 million residents, 14 per cent of New York City smokes – the average price of a pack costs $11.90, which rakes in about $1.8 billion ...
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Tobacco-Buying Age To Be Raised To 21 In NY
New York City will soon become the latest to raise the tobacco-buying age to 21, and smokers are not happy about it. The city council voted to approve...
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More Behind FDA Move To Kill Menthol Cigarettes
Menthol cigarettes have been the subject of one rumor after another for years. Due to the popularity of the flavor among African-American men, there w...
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FDA Considers Menthol Cigarette Regulation
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced that it is seeking feedback and proposals on regulating menthol in cigarettes. The agency ...
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Camel Crush Cigarette Ads Targeted By Health Groups
Camel brand cigarettes are coming under fire from several health groups for placing ads in magazines marketed for teens. The cigarettes, called Camel ...
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Asthma Cases in Children Fall in Wake of Smoke-Free Laws
A new study has shown that hospital admissions for childhood asthma have fallen significantly following the introduction of a smoke-free law in the U....
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Smoking Greatly Affects Heart Surgery Outcome, Shows Study
A new study has shown that changes found in smokers’ lungs can linger and affect the outcome of heart surgery even a year after quitting. The st...
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Smoking Laws Cut Deaths, Hospitalizations Shows Analysis
A new analysis conducted at the University of California San Francisco has shown that laws preventing smoking at work and other public places, such as...
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Smokers Miss More Work, Shows Study
A new study shows that smokers take two to three more sick days per year than those who don’t, costing billions of pounds worth of lost producti...
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Twitter Addiction Will Not Kill You
There’s a reason there are so many clinics and support groups for people who have addictions: having one or more can cause job loss, depression,...
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