Google Will Support Rust in Chromium

Google expanding its use of the Rust programming language, adding support for it in its Chromium web browser.

Hostilities Between Microsoft and Google Resume

Microsoft and Google are resuming open hostilities, following a five-year cease-fire.

Google Releases Chrome Update Addressing Zero-Day Exploit

Google has released a major updated for its Chrome web browser, addressing a number of security issues, including a zero-day exploit.

Microsoft Edge for Linux Getting Sign-In and Sync Support

Microsoft is adding sign-in and sync support to the Linux version of its Edge web browser.

Microsoft’s New Patch Will Completely Replace Legacy Edge With New Version

Microsoft has announced that an upcoming Windows 10 update will replace Edge Legacy with the new version.

Brave Becomes First Web Browser to Support IPFS

Brave has crossed a major milestone, becoming the first browser to support the new IPFS protocol.

Brave Web Browser Passes 20 Million Monthly Users, 7 Million Daily

Brave web browser is making inroads in the market, announcing it now has 20 million monthly active users and 7 million daily active users.

Chrome Will Start Blocking Resource Heavy Ads

Google has announced that Chrome will soon start blocking resource intensive ads.

Google and Microsoft Reigniting Browser Wars

Some things are too good to last, and it appears Google and Microsoft’s BFF cooperation on the browser front is one of them, as both companies are taking swipes at the other.

WhatsApp Bug Let Hackers Access Computers Via a Text Message

Facebook has just patched a vulnerability in WhatsApp that could allow a hacker to take control of a target’s computer via a single text message. Security research Gal Weizman, with PerimiterX, discovered the flaw and worked with Facebook to fix…

Microsoft Responsible For Latest Google Chrome Feature

Once bitter rivals in the browser wars, Microsoft and Google are now cooperating like never before, with a major Chrome feature originating with Microsoft, according to The Verge. Microsoft recently moved its Edge browser over to Chromium, the open-source rendering…

Google Chrome Will Get Error Codes To Help With Troubleshooting

According to ZDNet, Google’s Chrome web browser will soon receive error codes similar to those shown on the Windows blue screen of death (BSOD) display. The feature was proposed by Eric Lawrence, a software engineer working on the Chromium-based version…

Microsoft Looking For Help From Linux Developers to Port Edge to Linux

Microsoft’s Edge web browser has received generally positive reviews, and has proven to be a worthy successor to Internet Explorer and a solid contender among modern browsers. In December 2018, Microsoft announced its intention to abandon EdgeHTML as the browser’s…

Google Adding Cast Functionality Into Chrome

Google appears to be in the early stages of making its cast technology part of its Chrome browser. Currently, Chromecast users have to use the Google Cast extension to be able to cast browser tabs, but may change in future…

Google Answers Your Questions About Its New Blink Rendering Engine

After years of Chrome running on the WebKit rendering engine, Google announced earlier this week that it was moving to its own rendering engine. The new engine, named Blink, is a fork of WebKit, and will apparently not affect Web…

Google Begins Work On Chrome’s New Rendering Engine

WebKit has been powering Google’s Chrome Web browser since its launch in 2008. Google says that “its flexibility, performance, and thoughtful design” made it an obvious choice for Chrome when it launched, but the modern Web and modern Chrome require…

More Indication We’ll Soon Be Seeing Google Now In Chrome

It looks like we’re getting closer to having Google Now functionality in Chrome. Google released Google Now as part of Android last year when it launched the Jelly Bean version of the OS. Developer François Beaufort points out rich templated…

Calling All Hackers: Google Wants You To Break Chrome OS At Pwnium 3

Pwnium is the annual hacker competition where Google invites coders from around the world to find security holes in Google Chrome. That changes this year as Google wants hackers to break both of its Chromium projects. Google announced today that…

Chrome To Get Even More Search-Friendly

One of the best parts about Chrome has always been the omnibox, and the ease with which searching the web is compared to browsers that came before it (though some have caught up in this regard now). Google has made…

Google Now Just Might Be Coming To Chrome

Google Now may soon be part of the Chrome web browser. A note was discovered on the Chromium (the open source project on which Chrome is based) site, indicating that such an integration is being buit. CNET, which points to…