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Tag: Christianity

Phil Robertson Speaks Out Against Equal Rights Yet Again
Phil Robertson is pretty vocal about his political and religious views and this has got him in trouble in the past. Just last year, Robertson’s comm...
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Kirk Cameron Talks About Celebrity Standards and New Film
It’s no secret that former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron isn’t your run-of-the-mill Hollywood celebrity. Among other things, the conserv...
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Oklahoma Teen Missionary Accused of Rape in Kenya
A 19-year-old missionary from Oklahoma accused of raping and molesting children in Kenya was ordered by a judge to remain in custody on Tuesday. There...
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Billboard Hitler Quote Leads to Apology
In a blatant case of being completely out of touch, an Alabama Christian organization was forced to apologize this week for a billboard displaying a q...
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Joel Osteen To Bring His Message To SiriusXM Subscribers This Fall
Joel Osteen is one of the most famous evangelical Christians in America today. His books often top the New York Times bestsellers list for several wee...
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Duck Dynasty Star Delivers Anti-Gay Sermon in New Video
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson waded into the culture wars once again this week after video of his Easter sermon hit the web. The video, released on...
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Miranda Kerr Denies Being A Buddhist, Says She’s A Christian
Miranda Kerr was thought to have been a Buddhist since her ex-husband, Orlando Bloom, was a practicing Buddhist himself. In a new interview, she says ...
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Shroud Of Turin Research Has One Doctor Convinced It’s The Real Thing
The Shroud of Turin is one of the most controversial artifacts to have ever been found. The piece of cloth depicts a man’s face, hands and legs ...
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Atlanta Archbishop Selling Mansion
Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory said Saturday that he’ll move out of his $2.2 million mansion and place it on the market in early May, after c...
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Kevin Sorbo Plays Atheist Prof in “God’s Not Dead”
Most people know Kevin Sorbo as the title character from Hercules and the dashing captain of the starship Andromeda. He is a fixture at comic-cons acr...
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‘Son of God’ Movie Cuts Satan Following Obama Controversy
Less than a year after The Bible miniseries aired on the History Channel, a film called Son of God that incorporates scenes from the series will open ...
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Nun Birth in Italy Quite the Shocker
In “oops” news, a nun who didn’t know she was pregnant gave birth to a nine pound baby boy Wednesday, in the small, central Italian city of Riet...
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Westboro Baptist Church Protests Outside of Four Churches in California
The religious-crazed circus is at again with all their obnoxious antics and political beliefs. Westboro Baptist Church was scheduled to protest at fou...
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Satan Statue Design Depicts Satan With Children
In response to a monument of the Ten Commandments being placed on Oklahoma state capitol grounds, the Satanic Temple has released plans for a statue o...
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Satan Statue Design: Proposal Sent to Oklahoma Officials
A group of Satanists from a New York-based Satanic temple is pursuing the establishment of a monument in Oklahoma’s capitol. In an attempt to displa...
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Candace Cameron Bure Talks Bulimia and Nudity
Considering it is Friday, it’s more than apt that former TGIF and Full House star Candace Cameron Bure made her way back into the national limel...
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Paul Crouch: His Replacement Better Be Sincere
As you know, Paul Crouch, famed televangelist and co-founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network passed away yesterday from degenerative heart failure...
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Pope Francis: Capitalism Is “A New Tyranny”
Pope Francis carefully chose this moment to capitalize on his internet popularity with an even more radical statement: that uninhibited capitalism rep...
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Pastor Saeed Abedini Transferred to Dangerous Prison
A little over one year ago, Pastor Saeed Abedini was arrested in Iran for charges of “undermining the Iranian government,” with the reason...
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Billy Graham Launches “My Hope” Campaign in US
We’ve all seen those massive, conglomerate, super churches. And we’ve also all either been supremely awed by their presence, or extremely ...
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