Paul Crouch: His Replacement Better Be Sincere

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As you know, Paul Crouch, famed televangelist and co-founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network passed away yesterday from degenerative heart failure. He had been battling the condition for two years.

The history of televangelism is a rocky one so it would be natural to raise concerns as to who will be the next face on the Christian TV. Televangelist need to have a strong personality with very strong beliefs. Years ago, there was the huge possibility of someone like Jim Jones slipping into that position and terrorizing the mentality of those who followed him. But since the rise and domination of the access to information, the odds of being manipulated without the chance of the truth coming to the surface before hand are pretty low.


There have been so many leaders who tried straddling being in the limelight and maintaining their dirty little secrets. But everyday it gets easier for society to bring to light the shadows.


Televangelist frauds will have a hard time to dodging incriminating photos and statements made. For every follower that needs a fraudulent prophet to follow, there are a few investigative social media reporters waiting to break a story, and what better way to do that but to air someone's dirty laundry on Twitter or Instagram.

There's a good chance that the fraud is not squeaky clean and if they are, skids marks should show up not far into the journey. There is no choice but to have access to knowledge. Do you really this Jim Jones would make it if Twitter was readily available? Today's followers have high demands and most will not tolerate the foul taste the internet can leave when secrets are uncovered.

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