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TikTok Accused of Violating Child Privacy—Again
TikTok is in hot water yet again, with consumer groups accusing the social media company of violating child privacy....
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Millions of Child-Tracking Smartwatches Exposed In Flaw
TechCrunch has reported on a vulnerability in GPS-enabled smartwatches for kids that could allow anyone to track them. In an exclusive release to Tech...
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Waze Adds AMBER Alerts
Thanks to a partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Google-owned Waze traffic app will now feature AMBER alerts. ...
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AMBER Alerts Coming to Your Facebook News Feed
In nearly two decades of the AMBER alert system, more than 725 missing children have been recovered. Sometimes, all it takes to help solve a missing c...
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Best Tablets For Kids: Which One Should You Get?
It’s sometimes hard to figure out which tablets are best for your kids. After all, kids are often content with playing with their parents’...
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Alyson Hannigan Won’t Let Her Kids Watch TV Yet
Alyson Hannigan owes her career to television. The TV star got her big break thanks to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I Met Your Mother. Despite her...
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Tania Clarence: Forgiven For Suffocating Children By Her Husband
The British public is of two minds about Tania Clarence, the investment banker’s wife who suffocated her three young children. There are those i...
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Vagina Cookies: Feminism Gone Wrong?
Vagina-shaped cookies may seem like a great idea if you are an opinionated mother with a self-serving agenda. One woman thought a request to bake cook...
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Two-Year-Old’s Ice Bucket Challenge Likely Outdoes All to Follow
Keep Ice Bucket Challenging, folks. It’s raised a ton of money for ALS research and it continues to provide us with some pretty great videos –...
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Shoppers Break Out Window to Free Kids From Hot Car
We have seen far too many headlines this summer about kids who were hospitalized or died after being left behind in a hot car. Despite all of these he...
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Kristen Bell Expecting Second Child
Kristen Bell, famous for her role on the cult-hit Veronica Mars and also for voicing Anna in Disney’s Frozen, has confirmed that she and husband...
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Day Care Center Crash In Florida Kills 1, Injures 14
A Florida day care center was the site of a car accident on Wednesday. According to the Florida Highway Patrol a car was sent into the KinderCare DayC...
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Lying to Children Could Make Them Into Liars
For many parents lying to their young children is much easier than forcing compliance or spending time on a lengthy explanation that isn’t likel...
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Kim Kardashian Wants More Kids With Kanye
Kim Kardashian wants to be just like her mom…kind of. “I love my daughter so much and … I want to have more,” she shared with ...
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Jessica Biel’s Marriage Is Too “Hard Going”
One of the biggest celebrity weddings of 2012 was the marriage of 7th Heaven’s Jessica Biel and former NSYNC member Justin Timberlake. Since the...
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Obesity Study Shows Need for Early Intervention
It is no longer a disputed fact as to whether or not obesity is an epidemic, especially here in the United States. Obesity rates in children have doub...
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Exorcism Claimed The Lives Of 2 Toddlers
Two women in Germantown, Maryland have been arrested following a murder and attempted murder of one’s own children on Friday. The women were sai...
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Adoption: Only Hope For African Children In Crisis
Adopting a child from the Central African Republic (CAR) is challenging, no doubt, but it is one of the very few ways to help the children who are in ...
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Children May Not Affect Life Satisfaction, Shows Study
Though parents around the world are likely to believe their lives have been enhanced by their children, studies have found that the stress of parentin...
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Cursing Toddler: Protective Custody After Viral Vid
A police union in Omaha, Nebraska had found itself at the center of racial controversy over a video they posted featuring an African American toddler....
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