Vagina Cookies: Feminism Gone Wrong?


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Vagina-shaped cookies may seem like a great idea if you are an opinionated mother with a self-serving agenda.

One woman thought a request to bake cookies for her child’s class represented the PERFECT opportunity to teach second graders that vaginas are beautiful and that a woman's sexuality is wonderful.

Did she discuss this with the teacher beforehand? No.

Did she contact the school to see if it would be okay? Apparently not.

Yet when she showed up with cookies baked and frosted to look like various vaginae, she was genuinely outraged that the teacher would not accept the cookies as is.

Despite the fact that the teacher's response was of little surprise to any rational adult, the angry mommy took the opportunity to accuse the educator of not being proud enough of her gender.

It wasn't over when the hot-headed mother stormed out of the classroom; the woman allegedly contacted the teacher again via email.

The cringe-worthy screencaps can be seen here.

This woman honestly thought that a SECOND GRADE CLASS was the appropriate platform for discussing the vagina and "how to please it".

Among various insults, the self-proclaimed feminist pretty much declared teaching a “woman’s profession” and somehow a sign of failure. She even asked if the woman in question only chose to teach because she is a woman.

Someone clearly needs a refresher course on sexism.

As this story goes increasingly viral, it appears that the mom may have baked up quite a bit of trouble for herself.

Expect actual feminist activists to take Mommy Dearest to task for her half-baked representation of a movement with a big enough image problem without her brand of “help”.

It must also be said that as a parent, your role is to first and foremost instruct your OWN children about life and the development of their bodies.

This right does not extend to other parents' children, regardless of what you personally feel you want to tell them. One's version of feminism does not trump respect for others. Failure to abide by common courtesy only makes one look bad in the end.

This story all boils down to a sense of entitlement gone haywire.