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Chelsea Handler: Justin Bieber Was Worst Interview Guest
Justin Bieber’s flirty ways made for a very uncomfortable interview – maybe the worst ever, according to Chelsea Handler. When asked who the w...
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Chelsea Handler Gives Hallucinogenic Drink Ayahuasca a Try For Her Netflix Docuseries
Chelsea Handler gave the hallucinogenic drink Ayahuasca a try for her upcoming Netflix docuseries Chelsea Does. Handler said she tried the controversi...
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Heather McDonald: Chelsea Handler Counters Comedian’s Claim That She ‘Lived in Fear’ Working With Handler
Heather McDonald heard a few choice words from Chelsea Handler after she said she “100 percent lived in fear” during her years working on ...
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Jennifer Aniston Honeymoon Not Ruined by Cruel Coincidence of Carmel Musgrove’s Death
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux wed in August in a secret ceremony, flying off with close friends to Bora Bora for a honeymoon getaway the next da...
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Chelsea Handler Announces January Release of “Chelsea Does”
Chelsea Handler announced the January release of her upcoming four-part Netflix docu-series called Chelsea Does. The former Chelsea Lately star shared...
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Chelsea Handler: New Netflix Docu-Series Debuts in January
Chelsea Handler is continuing her productive partnership with Netflix with a new four-part documentary series called Chelsea Does. And Netflix has ann...
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Chelsea Handler: ‘Chelsea Does’ Gets January Netflix Release
Netflix released a teaser for Chelsea Does, a new docu-series starring Chelsea Handler. It reveals that all episodes will be available in January. Che...
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Chelsea Handler Covers Lady Bits With Fruit in Latest Attempt to Defy Instagram Rules
Chelsea Handler has been quite outspoken about her dislike of Instagram’s “no topless” photo rule, and she has done her best to get ...
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Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Honeymooning in Bora Bora–With Friends
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are honeymooning in Bora Bora. The couple wed Wednesday in an extravagant affair at their Bel Air mansion. Courten...
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Chelsea Handler Came Back With A Bikini-Perfect Body After Ex Called Her Fat
Chelsea Handler slams her critics with a photo of her in a bikini on Instagram. The photo which was posted on Sunday, August 2, was apparently in resp...
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Chelsea Handler Talks New Talk Show And Funny Women
Chelsea Handler may not be doing Chelsea Lately anymore, but after an ugly end to the show last summer, she says she is so ready to move on. Known for...
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Rachel Dolezal Story Was “Beyond Ridiculous”, Says This Star
Rachel Dolezal riveted the country earlier this year when she fumbled for an answer during an interview about whether or not her father is an African-...
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Jennifer Aniston: What is Her Guilty Pleasure? You Probably Can’t Guess
Jennifer Aniston has a guilty pleasure and it has nothing at all to do with fiance Justin Theroux. So what is it that the former Friends star feels gu...
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Chelsea Handler: Chronicling Her Penchant to Pose Semi-Naked Through the Years, Including the Latest With Her Dog
Chelsea Handler certainly likes to post semi-naked photos of herself on her Instagram account. Over the years, Chelsea Handler has boldly posted semi-...
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Chelsea Handler Shares Nudity Via Instagram–Again
Chelsea Handler is no stranger to nudity–sharing it, that is. She has bared her breasts for Instagram photos on more than one occasion. This tim...
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Chelsea Handler Bares Ass in Defiance of New Instagram Butt Rules [Pics]
Chelsea Handler will not sit down and shut up. What is more, Chelsea Handler will not stop showing her butt on Instagram. As if this were the great ci...
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Chelsea Handler Says She Narrowly Escaped Being “Cosbyed”
Chelsea Handler is never, ever one to hide anything. Be it information, opinion, or skin, Chelsea Handler will not shy away from any topic. In fact, i...
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Chelsea Handler: What Did Bill Cosby Do to Her A Decade Ago?
Chelsea Handler made news on Wednesday, and this time it didn’t involve any public nudity. This time the comedian brought up a very serious subj...
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Chelsea Handler Opens Up About ‘Weird’ Encounter With Bill Cosby, ‘He Tried to Cosby Me’
Chelsea Handler says she had her own “weird” encounter with Bill Cosby and believes the comedian, who is accused by dozens of women of sex...
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Kathy Griffin: Twitter Support from Kelly Osbourne and More Over ‘Fashion Police’ Exit
Kathy Griffin announced on Thursday that she was leaving Fashion Police. Following that announcement–which appeared on her Twitter feed–Gr...
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