Butler University Study: ChaCha Beats Google (And Others) For Mobile Q&A

Butler Business Accelerator has released findings from a new study of mobile search engines and question and answer platforms. The study says ChaCha answered questions better than ten other mobile search engines and Q&A platforms including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Siri,…

Freshly Funded ChaCha Thinks It Has Q&A Right This Time

Last week, Q&A vet ChaCha closed a new $14 million round of funding showing that there are still believers in the Q&A space. We had the opportunity to speak with founder and CEO Scott Jones about what ChaCha has in…

Kim Kardashian Divorce Predicted by ChaCha Users

ChaCha has gone so far as to put out a press release talking about how its users predicted the Kim Kardashian divorce. “Questions about the divorce have been flooding into ChaCha all day, with news that the couple is splitting…

Today in Alternative Search Engines (Blekko, Wolfram Alpha)

Blekko announced today that it has teamed up with Foodily on recipe search. Foodily, a social recipe network, will curate Blekko’s search results for recipes, which the company calls “a cluttered and spam rich environment on most search engines”. “Search…

ChaCha Sues HTC Over ChaCha Trademark

Earlier this month, HTC unveiled some new mobile devices with Facebook hardware buttons. One is called the Salsa, and the other is called the ChaCha. Believe it or not, ChaCha, the company, wasn’t thrilled with the name. 

ChaCha is suing HTC over the trademark. ChaCha co-founder Scott Jones gave us the following statement:

ChaCha CEO: We’ll Drop T-Mobile if They Implement the “Twitter Tax”

Update: Gibbs is now reporting that T-Mobile’s move only affects messaging aggregators "that serve as kind of a middleman" between businesses and carriers. Companies with direct ties to T-Mobile ( a group that includes Facebook and Twitter) will reportedly not be affected.

ChaCha Launches MMS Rich Media, Coupon, Video Ads

ChaCha has launched a new MMS service for movie trailers, coupon images, rich media ads, and other video content to "virtually all phones". The service works on even the 75% of US mobile phones that aren’t smartphones, the company says. 

Known as an answers service, ChaCha will begin serving MMS ads to its users (ChaCha claims 15 million active monthly uniques). As mobile marketing becomes increasingly important, this might appeal to a range of advertisers. 

ChaCha.me Now Mobile

Question and answer social network ChaCha has added mobile functionality to its ChaCha.me service that launched in March.

Users are now able to ask and answer questions from their mobile devices and see the activity posted live to their ChaCha.me page and other social networks such as Facebook. Users can also get instant mobile alerts when someone else asks them a question, allowing responses while on the go.

ChaCha Takes On Steve Jobs Mobile Search Comments

Apple CEO has made comments recently implying that people aren’t searching much with their phones. When Jobs announced iAds, Apple’s new mobile advertising platform, for example, he said something along the lines of "people aren’t searching on their phones." WebProNews received an email on behalf of ChaCha who apparently doesn’t take too kindly to Jobs’ implications (the title of the email was "500 million issues with Steve Jobs").

ChaCha Introduces Q & A Social Platform

Online answers service ChaCha has launched ChaCha.me, a social platform that includes answers directly from individuals and businesses.

ChaCha.me allows anyone who sets up a profile to ask questions directly to people or brands. The owner of the page can choose which questions to answer which will then be seen publicly.