Explaining the Importance of the C-Suite Team in a Business

It is of critical importance to understand the role and function of each member of the C-suite team in your business.

Former Walmart U.S. CEO Sees Virtual Reality As Future Of Retail

Former Walmart U.S. President and CEO Bill Simon sees technology, such as virtual reality, having a big impact on traditional brick-and-mortar retail, according to CNBC. Simon served as President and CEO of Walmart U.S. from 2010 to 2014, giving him…

Jeff Bezos Stepping Down As CEO, Will Transition to Executive Chair

In a surprise announcement, Amazon has said CEO Jeff Bezos is stepping down and transitioning to the role of Executive Chair in Q3 ‘21.

VMware’s Pat Gelsinger to Replace Bob Swan as Intel CEO

Intel has announced VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger will replace Bob Swan as CEO, effective February 15.

Cristiano Amon Replacing Steve Mollenkopf As Qualcomm CEO

Steve Mollenkopf is retiring as CEO of Qualcomm after 26 years at the company, and will be replaced by Cristiano Amon.

Sparrho CEO: Using Augmented Intelligence to Build Trust in Brands

The CEO of Sparrho says that their approach which combines artificial intelligence and 400,000 Ph.D.’s delivers scientific data to companies helping them back up their marketing messages.

Keith Block Resigns As Salesforce Co-CEO

In a move that has surprised many, Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block has resigned.

Bob Chapek Replaces Bob Iger As Walt Disney CEO

Closing out one of the most successful runs as CEO, Bob Iger is stepping down and being replaced by Bob Chapek as head of Walt Disney.

Hillary Yip: 13-Year-Old Tech CEO Phenom

Hillary Yip is a 13-year-old founder and CEO phenom that impresses everyone who has heard her speak. Her iOS app, MinorMynas, already has over 40,000 downloads from more than 50 countries.

Walmart Planning Delivery Right Into Your Fridge

Walmart is looking at delivering groceries right into your fridge says Walmart Ecommerce President and CEO Mark Lore. And the step after that Lore says is delivery without even ordering.

Motorola Solutions CEO: We Want a Level Playing Field in China Where IP is Not Stolen

Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown explains how China went from a great business opportunity in the mid-1980s to an intellectual property stealing concern following their acceptance into the WTO in 2001.

Former Ford CEO: Elon has Really Pushed the Industry to Embrace Electrification

“Elon Musk has really pushed the industry to embrace electrification,” says former Ford CEO Mark Fields. “The challenge here is how do you make money at it?” Fields says that there will continue to be a large portion of internal…

SiriusXM CEO: Pandora to Make Sirius Subscribers More Sticky

SiriusXM CEO James Meyer says that Pandora will make Sirius subscribers more sticky and will overall reduce churn. Meyer indicates that Pandora’s focus on advertising revenue will also help Sirius monetize the two-thirds of auto sales free trials that don’t convert to a paying SiriusXM subscriber.

SAP CEO on Qualtrics Deal: A Global Growth Juggernaut in the Cloud

SAP CEO Bill McDermott says that buying Qualtrics creates a “global growth juggernaut in the cloud, the number one business software growing in the cloud in the world.” McDermott says that he’s here to build a company for the generations, not just for a few days.

Successful CEOs Understand The Customer Journey

When you make the shift into CEO or any type of leadership role, it means you have to take on more of a strategic process and more of a strategic approach.

Etsy Fails to Hit Quarterly Revenue Target, CEO Gets the Boot

E-commerce site Etsy had to cut its workforce by 8% and fired its CEO, Chad Dickerson, after failing to hit its first quarter revenue targets. The statement on the first quarter earnings reported revenues of $96.9 million, just below the…

Uber Hits 2 Billion Rides Milestone

Uber reached the 2 billion ride milestone on June 18, just 6 months after hitting 1 billion according to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. “It took five years to reach our billionth trip, six months to reach the next billion ……

Here’s What Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says About Longer Tweets

Reports emerged this week that Twitter is readying the launch of longer tweets. Word is that they will eliminate the 140-character limit and expand it to possibly 10,000 characters, which would parallel the recently increased limit on direct messages. CEO…

Jack Dorsey Will Be Named Twitter CEO, Per Report

Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder and interim CEO, will likely be named permanent CEO very soon. That’s according to sources quoted by Re/code, who say that the announcement could come as soon as Thursday. This does not mean that Dorsey will…

Tim Cook Talks to Stephen Colbert About Coming Out

Tim Cook is one of the country’s most-powerful – and most-visible – CEOs. And it’s that visibility that led him to come out publicly last October. The Apple CEO opened up to Stephen Colbert about his decision, saying he “wanted…