Smartwatches Can Serve As Early Coronavirus Detection

Smartwatches can do much more than count steps, with research showing they can detect coronavirus infections days before diagnosis.

Latest Debt Collector Weapon: Unlimited Texting, Email and Instant Messaging

Individuals in debt should start preparing for a flood of unwanted texts, emails and social media messages from debt collectors.

U.S. Space Force Launches Military Satellite

The newest branch of the U.S. military carried out its first national security launch, sending a military communications satellite into orbit.

Ring Is a Case Study In Bad Privacy Policy

Ring has been in the news for its ongoing struggles with privacy issues. Its latest response, not to mention its approach in general, could serve as a case study of what not to do.

Christina Koch Sets Record For Longest Spaceflight By Woman

Christina Koch checked off another milestone in her NASA career, taking the record for the longest spaceflight by a woman, according to CBS News. The previous record holder, Peggy Whitson, spent 288 consecutive days in space, and still holds the…

Google Faces Government Scrutiny Over “Project Nightingale” and Patient Privacy

On the heels of news that Google has partnered with Ascension to collect data on millions of American patients, CBS News is reporting that government officials are opening an inquiry into the deal. Ascension is the second largest chain of…

Misty Copeland: Only African-American Soloist With The American Ballet Theatre Still Feels She Must Prove Herself

Misty Copeland, the only African-American soloist with the American Ballet Theatre, is busy performing in the holiday perennial, Stravinsky’s The Nutcracker, with the world-renowned dance company in New York City. Despite all of her accomplishments, the dancer says still feels…

CBS Launches New 24-hour Online News Channel

CBS is taking another step into the streaming arena. Today, the network is launching a 24/7 streaming news channel. Broadcast on its website, as well as a handful of its apps and other streaming devices, the new online-only channel is…

Diabetes Management Goes ‘Bionic’ With New Device

Researchers involved in two National Institutes of Health-funded studies have developed a ‘bionic’ pancreas that monitors a patient’s blood sugar levels and makes Type 1 diabetes more manageable. Created by researchers at Boston University and Massachusetts General Hospital, the experimental…

Lara Logan May Be Replaced On 60 Minutes

Lara Logan tarnished her integrity as a journalist and the 60 Minutes brand last year when she ran a piece on the Benghazi attack that was mostly made up of fabrications. She herself didn’t lie, but rather she made the…