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Tag: California

Google Agrees to $93 Million Settlement Over Tracking Users
Google has agreed to a $93 million settlement with California over tracking users even when they had turned off location tracking....
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California May Force Big Tech to Pay for News
California may join Australia and Canada in forcing Big Tech to pay for news content, setting up a major confrontation with Silicon Valley....
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Tesla Cannot Use ‘Full Self-Driving’ Name in California
Tesla can no longer use "Full Self-Driving" (FSD) to describe its self-driving software in California, following the passage of a new law....
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California Sues Amazon Over Blocking Competitive Pricing
Amazon is legal hot water again, with the state of California suing the e-commerce giant for blocking competitive pricing....
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California Proves Musk’s Point, Asks Residents Not to Charge EVs
California is asking people not to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) as a result of heat-induced power shortages....
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California Votes to Ban New Gasoline Vehicle Sales by 2035
California has become the first state in the US to ban the sale of new gasoline vehicles, effective 2035....
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California, Texas, and New York Are the Best States for Remote Work
A new report sheds light on the state of remote work, with California, Texas, and New York topping the list of remote work states....
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Judge Strikes Down California Law Requiring Women on Company Boards
Superior Court Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis has struck down a California law that required companies to appoint up to three women to their boards....
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California Lawmaker Wants 4-Day Workweeks
A California lawmaker has introduced a bill to mandate 4-day workweeks in the latest indication of how much the workspace has changed....
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Multiple States Investigating TikTok’s Impact on Children
TikTok is the latest social media platform in the crosshairs, as multiple states are investigating its impact on children....
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How the Tech Sector Propels the Californian Economy
It's no secret that the technology business sector propels the Californian economy. Learn how to capitalize on it below....
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California Sues Walmart Over Illegally Dumping Hazardous Waste
California Attorney General Rob Bonta has filed a lawsuit against Walmart, accusing the retailer of illegally disposing of hazardous waste....
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Tesla Moving Its Headquarters to Texas
Another major company is moving its headquarters out of California, as Tesla is moving its headquarters to Texas....
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New York to Ban All Sales of New Gasoline Vehicles by 2035
New York is joining California in plans to ban the sale of new gasoline vehicles by 2035....
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Companies Fleeing California at Double the 2020 Rate
The COVID-19 pandemic has also opened the door for more remote work, making expensive Silicon Valley headquarters less important....
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California Now Offering Digital COVID Vaccination Record
California is now offering residents digital proof-of-vaccination, making it that much easier for someone to prove their vaccination status....
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Virginia Following California’s Example With Privacy Law
Virginia is poised to join California in enacting comprehensive privacy legislation to protect its citizens....
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Baidu Gets Permission to Test Self-Driving Cars in California
Baidu is the latest company to receive permission to test self-driving cars in California....
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Massachusetts Set to Ban New Gasoline Vehicles by 2035
Massachusetts is joining California and New Jersey in its efforts to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035....
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Uber and Lyft Lose Appeal, Must Make Drivers Employees
Uber and Lyft have been dealt a major blow, as an appellate court has ruled the injunction against them was appropriate....
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