Facebook Will Not Give Authorities a Backdoor to Access Encrypted Messages

Two months ago we reported on an open letter by Attorney General William Barr and his counterparts in Australia and the United Kingdom, calling on Facebook to create encryption backdoors in its messaging apps. This was followed by the FBI…

What Are the Security Risks of the Internet of Things?

IBM Resilient CTO and internet security guru Bruce Schneier takes a look at the security risks of the Internet of Things in his latest video. He brings up an interesting and rather disconcerting point, IoT devices tend to do critical things like turn on and off power or drive your car, so preventing hacking is even more critical with IoT than typical computers.

Bruce Schneier Calls Facebook Worst Privacy Offender

A high-profile and widely respected security expert is not pleased with Facebook.  Indeed, Bruce Schneier said earlier today at the RSA Security Europe Conference that he believes Facebook is the worst social network when it comes to respecting individuals’ privacy.

Some people have chalked Facebook’s privacy problems up to naivete.  Others seem to have interpreted them as a personal insult from Mark Zuckerberg.  Schneier took what might be considered the middle ground.