Microsoft Is Going Back to the ‘90s, Using Windows to Push Its Web Browser

Microsoft is under fire for (once again) abusing its Windows platform to push its own web browser, reminiscent of its actions in the mid-90s.

Google and Microsoft Reigniting Browser Wars

Some things are too good to last, and it appears Google and Microsoft’s BFF cooperation on the browser front is one of them, as both companies are taking swipes at the other.

Chrome Is Now the Most Popular Browser in the U.S.

Back in May of 2012, Google’s Chrome browser overtook Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser and became the most popular browser in the world. Now, just a little over a year later, Chrome has finally topped Internet Explorer in the United States.…

Are Google Chrome’s Stats Inflated?

Earlier this week, it was announced that Google Chrome had overtaken Internet Explorer as the number one browser in use, and the world rejoiced. However, thanks to the grey area surrounding prerendered web pages, these results may be somewhat dubious.…

Chrome Overtakes IE as the World’s Most Used Browser

The dethroning of Internet Explorer has been a long time coming. For years Microsoft’s browser sat at the top of the browser heap, stagnating and becoming bloated. First Netscape, and the Mozilla tried to take Internet Explorer down with good…

Chrome To Pass Firefox By The End Of 2011

Google’s Chrome browser is growing in popularity, and naturally that means that it’s drawing users away from the other big boys, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Currently, Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser by a pretty wide margin, and…

Google Chrome A Strong Second in UK

Is the popularity of Firefox waning worldwide, or is Google Chrome just that much better of a choice? As the browser wars continue, while the average computer user is still content with Microsoft’s browser, the more experienced user have created…

Firefox 4 Infographic Details First 48 Hours

While they may never top Internet Explorer’s market share — it’s hard to top a program that comes pre-installed on all Windows-environment computers — that doesn’t mean the folks at Mozilla won’t make the most of their latest Firefox browser…

Latest Google Chrome Beta is Polished for Speed

Let the Browser Wars continue unabated!  Google Chrome saw its tenth incarnation delivered in beta format today, and the search engine company — is that even accurate anymore — is boasting about some major speed improvements for the ever-gaining Chrome browser.

Different Approaches to Internet Explorer

As the news of Google Chrome’s increase in browser market share hit the tubes, some outlets took this as an opportunity to blast Microsoft’s ubiquitous browser, Internet Explorer.  While it’s still pretty en vogue to hate all things Microsoft; although, it feels that should be passé by now, perhaps some of the IE hate was a little forced?