Box CEO: Digital Transformation Driving Global Growth

The digital transformation which has been powering the growth of many technology companies in the US is now starting to drive growth globally according to Box CEO Aaron Levie. He says that Box has a global opportunity where multi-national enterprises want to drive the same digital transformation that has been happening in the US.

Box CEO Sees the Underlying Value of Box Increasing Because of IBM-Red Hat Deal

Box CEO Aaron Levie says that the IBM-Red Hat Deal showed what the underlying value of incumbent technology companies like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and “hopefully Box” is potentially worth.

Microsoft Announces New Cloud Storage Options For Office Mobile, Office Online

Nearly a year ago, Microsoft announced the Cloud Storage Partner Program for Office, enabling third-party storage providers like Box, Citrix ShareFile, and Salesforce to connect their services to Office Online for document viewing and editing. This followed a previously announced…