Reddit’s WallStreetBets Schools Wall Street

Wall Street may be the “experts” in the stock market, but analysts are increasingly looking to Reddit’s WallStreetBets for info.

Blackberry 5G Phone With Physical Keyboard Coming in 2021

It’s the brand that won’t die, as OnwardMobility has announced it is bringing a 5G Blackberry with traditional keyboard to market in 2021.

Short-Seller Losses Top $70 Billion In the War on Wall Street

Short-sellers have lost a staggering $70 billion in the War on Wall Street between institutional investors and day traders on Reddit.

Robinhood Blocks GameStop Trading, Faces Backlash

Robinhood has weighed in on the war on Wall Street, blocking buys of GameStop, AMC, Blackberry and others, and facing backlash for it.

Day Traders Continue to Pump Stocks, WH and Treasury Monitoring

Day traders continued to take on Wall Street investors, pumping stocks traditional investors have been shorting.

Blackberry Rises on News of Facebook Settlement

Blackberry shares have had their best run since 2001, driven in part by news of a settlement with Facebook over messaging patents.

BlackBerry Launches AI-Powered Blackberry Protect Mobile

BlackBerry has announced BlackBerry Mobile Protect, a mobile threat defense (MTD) solution based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Back From the Dead: Blackberry Phones to Reappear in 2021

Blackberry phones are back from the dead with new models planned for 2021.

No More BlackBerry Phones From TCL

TCL Communication has lost its license to design and manufacture Blackberry phones, according to Digital Trends. In late 2016, BlackBerry stopped making its own phones, in favor of licensing manufacturing rights to other companies. TCL Communication was chosen as the…

CES 2020: Blackberry & AWS Partnering To Deliver Connected Vehicle Software Platform

Blackberry and AWS have announced a partnership at CES 2020, aimed at helping automakers tackle the challenges of modern autos. According to the press release, the partnership will leverage Blackberry’s QNX operating system (OS), in combination with AWS’ Internet of…