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Tag: bipolar disorder

Amanda Bynes Shares Self-Portrait on Twitter
Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter and she recently shared what many believe is a self-portrait sketch with her followers. The former All That star was o...
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Amanda Bynes Goes Brunette for Christmas
Amanda Bynes has changed her hair color yet again–this time dying it brunette and sharing her new look with her followers this past week. She tw...
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Amanda Bynes Back On Twitter, Appears Healthy
Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter after a month away from social media. The former All That star suffers from serious mental illness and has very public...
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Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter, Looks Slim
Former What I Like About You actress Amanda Bynes returned to Twitter after a 26 day hiatus, and posted a rare picture of herself. Bynes has been infa...
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Amanda Bynes Twitter Message Shows Off Purple Hair
Amanda Bynes sent a Twitter message to her fans on Friday, showing off her newly dyed purple hair. The former Nickelodeon star–known for roles i...
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Amanda Bynes: Parents Dropping Conservatorship?
Amanda Bynes has reportedly been released from her psychiatric hold and has been spotted wandering around Hollywood. Now it seems her parents may also...
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Amanda Bynes, Reportedly Suffering From Bipolar Disorder, Goes on Twitter Rant
Amanda Bynes, who was reportedly diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and is on medication, has once again taken to Twitter with some confusing statements....
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Bipolar Symptoms May Soon Be Treated With New Drugs
According to Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, bipolar disorder affects 5.7 million adults in America. While there is no cure for bipolar disor...
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Rene Russo Talks About Longterm Bipolar Disorder
Rene Russo no doubt surprised her fans and members of the entertainment industry this week when she announced during a taping of Queen Latifah’s...
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Renee Russo Opens Up About Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder is a serious disease that affects thousands of people. While many people suffer quietly out of fear of criticism or spend their lives...
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Bipolar Disorder And Genes: The Latest Research
Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic-depression, is believed to have a strong genetic component and now researchers have discovered five major ar...
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Catherine Zeta-Jones: Michael Douglas Says He Took Her for Granted
Catherine Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas are back together again following a split that took place last August. The Wall Street actor admits h...
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Julie Schenecker Guilty of First-Degree Murder
A Tampa, Florida jury deliberated for less than two hours Thursday evening before finding Julie Schenecker guilty of first-degree murder for the shoot...
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Chris Brown Ordered To Stay In Rehab, Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder and PSTD
Chris Brown’s temper tantrums and violent past now has a classification. According to E! News, the singer-actor has reportedly been diagnosed wi...
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Kim Novak Has Beat Bigger Battles Than Binary Brats
Kim Novak doesn’t have to explain herself. However, amidst the tumult of tweeters (so very brave behind the anonymity of their hateful 140 character...
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Catherine Zeta-Jones is Home After Bipolar Treatment
Last month, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones announced that she would be receiving treatment for her bipolar disorder. Earlier this week her husband, Mich...
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Zeta-Jones: Bipolar Treatment Nears An End
Catherine Zeta-Jones announced last month that she would be entering treatment for bipolar disorder, and now the 43-year old actress is about to be re...
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