Bill Gates, Fourth Richest Human, Announces Divorce

Bill and Melinda Gates have announced their divorce, putting into question the fourth largest personal fortune.

Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft Board

Microsoft has announced that co-founder Bill Gates has stepped down from the company’s Board of Directors.

Condom Slingshot Gun Takes Applying Protection to the Extreme, Looks to Impress Bill Gates

Recently, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation posted a $100,000 grant offering to anyone who can help build a better condom. Why do we need a better condom? Well, increasing condom use around the world is key in the fight…

Bill Gates Will Grant You $100,000 to Develop a Better Condom

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is looking for new innovations in round 11 of it “Grand Challenges Explorations” initiative. And one of the areas that they want to improve is contraception – specifically the condom. Basically, the project looks…

Toilet Of The Future Has Been Selected By Bill Gates (Here’s What It Looks Like)

What will the toilet of the future look like? How will it work? These are questions the Bill & Linda Gates foundation sought the answers to with its “Reinventing the Toilet” initiative. Now, the Foundation has selected a winner for…

Bill Gates Talks About Returning To Microsoft & Steve Jobs

Although he’s technically on vacation with his family in Australia, Bill Gates took some time to sit down for an interview today with Tim Lester of Fairfax Media to discuss a few topics that have been swirling around the Microsoft…

Gates Foundation Invests In Facebook App For Education

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced today it has invested $2 million in education technology company Inigral, to help fund its Schools App on Facebook.

The Schools App uses Facebook to create a virtual community for colleges students during the admissions and orientation process and through their first year. The Schools App aims to increase involvement and engagement among college students to increase the likelihood of graduation.

Gates Foundation Puts $20 Million Into Education Technology

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said today it is putting $20 million into funding an online education and technology initiative to increase college graduation rates in the U.S.

Libraries Key Resource For Internet Access

Some 77 million Americans used a public library computer to access the Internet in the past year, according to a new report by the University of Washington Information School and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Low-income adults are more likely to rely on the public library as their main resource to access computers and the Internet than any other income group. Over all, 44 percent of people living below the federal poverty line used computers and the Internet at their public libraries.