Condom Slingshot Gun Takes Applying Protection to the Extreme, Looks to Impress Bill Gates

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Recently, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation posted a $100,000 grant offering to anyone who can help build a better condom. Why do we need a better condom? Well, increasing condom use around the world is key in the fight against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Gates acknowledges that the condom is the "most ubiquitous" but "potentially underutilized" products on the planet. And condom technology has been pretty stagnant for nearly five decades.

Who's going to step up and make a better condom? Or a better condom packaging? Or a better condom delivery system?

Enter Joerg Sprave of the Slingshot Channel who today brings to you the contest's first submission. Yes, it's a condom slingshot. Yes, it technically improves upon the delivery of the condom. But...yikes?

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gates," says Sprave, "nothing fascinates male human begins more than guns and sex. So when we combine both, you must see the huge potential this has. So come on, pass over the 100 grand."

I know it's not serious, but let me reiterate.


[JoergSprave via reddit]
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