FTC May Launch Antitrust Lawsuit Against Amazon

The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly preparing an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon, the latest in regulators’ efforts to reign in Big Tech.

President Joe Biden Calls for Bipartisan Action Against Big Tech

President Joe Biden has penned an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, calling on Democratic and Republican lawmakers to tackle Big Tech.

Senator Mark Warner Wants to ‘Restart Antitrust’ Legislation

After a contentious start for the new Congress, Senator Mark Warner is ready to “restart antitrust” legislation.

Big Tech’s $95 Million Lobbying May Be Close to Scuttling Antitrust Bill

Congress is trying to pass an antitrust bill that would significantly alter the tech landscape, but Big Tech has spent $95 million to scuttle it.

Rein In Big Tech? Maybe Not, Thanks to the Supreme Court

Efforts to rein in Big Tech in the US may face new hurdles, thanks to a ruling by the Supreme Court.

US May Follow EU in Crackdown on Gatekeeper Tech Companies

The US may soon follow the EU in cracking down on gatekeeper companies, as governments become increasingly wary of Big Tech.

Can’t Remember All Big Tech’s Controversies? There’s a Wiki For That

A new nonprofit watchdog organization, The Tech Oversight Project, has published a wiki list all Big Tech’s controversies.

EU Prepares to Crack Down on Big Tech, Unveils Sweeping Measures

The European Union has unveiled sweeping measures to crack down on Big Tech and increase competition across the industry.

Lawmakers Introduce Bills to Ban Mergers Over $5 Billion

US Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Mondaire Jones have introduced bills to ban corporate mergers over $5 billion.

EU and US Set to Join Forces Tackling Big Tech

The EU and US are prepared to join forces in an effort to tackle Big Tech’s influence.

Amazon Warning Sellers About Congress’ Antitrust Efforts

Amazon is contacting third-party sellers to warn them of how impending action by Congress could impact them.

Biden Executive Order to Target Increased Competition

President Joe Biden is signing an executive order aimed at increasing competition in the US market.

US Officials Warn EU Against Targeting American Companies

US officials are warning the EU not to single out American companies with “protectionist” tech policies.

Senator Josh Hawley’s Antitrust Bill Would Hurt Startups More Than Big Tech

Senator Josh Hawley introduced a bill Monday aimed at addressing antitrust concerns, but it may do more harm than good.

Facebook Announces Platform to Support Writers and Journalists

Facebook has announced a platform to help writers and journalists monetize their content at a time when news and media are under siege.

Tim Wu, the Man Who Coined ‘Net Neutrality,’ Joins Biden Administration

Tim Wu is joining the Biden administration, likely signaling increased scrutiny for Big Tech.

AT&T CEO: HBO Max At Huge Disadvantage To Big Tech

AT&T’s streaming video service HBO Max is at a huge disadvantage to tech companies in the streaming video market says AT&T CEO, John Stankey.

EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager Doesn’t Think Breaking Up Big Tech Is the Answer

Once the darling of the U.S. economy, big tech has increasingly come under scrutiny, with some politicians—most notably Senator Elizabeth Warren—even calling for the breakup of big tech companies. According to a report by Business Insider, EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager…