Google May Be On the Hook for €25 Billion in UK and EU Cases

Google is facing its biggest potential fines yet, with the UK and EU pursuing cases that could see the search giant on the hook for €25 billion.

Facebook Locking Users Out and Giving Them No Recourse

Facebook users are reportedly being wrongly locked out of their accounts for ‘not following Community Standards,’ and have no recourse.

Google Spending $1 Billion to ‘Reinvigorate’ Its UK Office Space

Google seems to have missed the memo on remote work being here to stay, with the company spending a whopping $1 billion to spruce up its UK offices.

Brexit May Have Cost the UK an Intel Factory

Intel has ruled out the possibility of building a factory in the UK, thanks to Brexit.

Toyota Will Cut Worldwide Production 40% in September

Toyota is the latest automaker to experience issues as a result of the semiconductor shortage, cutting production 40% in September.

CDN Glitch Leads to Massive Internet Outages

A glitch at Fastly, a popular CDN, led to outages for some of the internet’s biggest sites Tuesday morning.

Japan’s Solution to Space Junk: Wooden Satellites

Japan is working to address the growing issue of space junk, with plans to launch satellites made of wood.

Cellebrite Did NOT Break Signal’s Encryption

The BBC broke a story that seemingly indicated Cellebrite had broken Signal’s encryption — only it’s not true.

Ransomware Results In a Fatality In Germany

Ransomware has been a growing issue for years but, in a first, ransomware appears to have caused the death of a hospital patient.

Garmin the Latest Victim of Ransomware

GPS company Garmin is the latest high-profile organization to be the victim of a major ransomware attack.

China Says There Will Be a Cost For the UK’s Huawei Decision

China has expressed its disappointment in the UK’s decision to ban Huawei and said there will be a cost.

UK/Huawei Showdown Heats Up

The ongoing showdown over the UK’s decision to revisit Huawei’s role in the country’s 5G network is heating up.

British Government Facing Rebellion Over Huawei 5G

Following the UK’s decision to include Huawei in its 5G networks in a limited role, a group of Tory MPs tried to pass an amendment to stop the firm’s involvement.

Blackpool England Using AI to Help Fix Potholes

According to the BBC, the English town of Blackpool is using artificial intelligence (AI) in an innovative way: to help fix potholes. In most cases, road departments must either wait for reports of potholes, or proactively inspect roads. In either…

UK Will Include Huawei in a Limited 5G Role

Defying pressure from the U.S. and Conservative MPs, the UK has refused to ban Huawei, opting to include it in a limited role, according to BBC News. Amidst ongoing allegations that Huawei exposes governments and corporations to spying by the…

China Requiring Facial Recognition Scans For Mobile Users

China is ramping up its attacks on privacy, with new rules due to take effect requiring all citizens to submit to facial recognition scans when registering for mobile service. The BBC is reporting the new rules were first announced in…

Black Mirror Is Headed to Netflix for 12 New Episodes

Black Mirror, the British sci-fi anthology that was popular when it aired overseas but gained super popularity when the episodes hit Netflix, is now going to be a Netflix original series. The show, a sci-fi anthology that explores some of…

Grand Theft Auto Maker Trying to Kill BBC Movie About the Game’s Tumultuous Inception

When the BBC announced that it was developing a feature-length film based on the making of the popular gaming franchise Grand Theft Auto, most assumed that it was at least OK’ed by the game’s creators – if not blessed by.…

Grand Theft Auto ‘Making-Of’ Movie Headed to BBC

As part of the ‘Make It Digital’ initiative, which aims to “inspire a new generation to get creative with coding, programming and digital technology,” the BBC is developing a feature-length program based on the making of the popular gaming franchise…

Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan Return To ‘The Fall’ For A Third And Final Season

The Fall, the Belfast-set psychological thriller starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan, is set to return for a third season. In the show, Anderson plays police detective Stella Gibson while Dornan plays serial killer Paul Spector. The show proved to…